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4 Ways the fourth industrial revolution will change HR in East Africa

15 October 2018

The pace of technology change is accelerating, creating exciting new opportunities for human resources (HR) leaders and departments in East Africa. I recently attended the Talent Agenda Series East Africa Conference in Nairobi, where I moderated a discussion focused on the fourth industrial revolution and how it influences African talent.

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Modernising the Client Experience

08 October 2018

The world of accounting is rapidly changing. From the increasingly prominent role of technology, to shifting client requirements and the need to provide an expanded range of services, transformation is everywhere. And as the accounting profession evolves and matures, so too must the way firms do business, enabling them to keep pace with their competitors and meet client requirements.

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Securing your supply chain against political uncertainty

20 September 2018

Businesses across the world could be forgiven for feeling uncertain about the future of their supply chains. With major economies like the USA and the UK revisiting their longstanding trade agreements, deals that might have seemed watertight a few years ago are now being threatened. With the change in the political climate, there’s a sense that we’re on the verge of a major realignment of the established balance of global trade, thrusting us into a world of increasingly dynamic and complex supply chains.

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Thinking of upgrading your Business Management Solution? Here’s 5 ways it changed for the better

18 September 2018

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems used to be expensive, difficult to implement, and slow to produce return on investment. But modern technology and the shift towards the cloud have enabled software vendors in West Africa to create powerful business management solutions that are not only flexible, but can be rolled out quickly and deliver faster results

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How AI will bring out the best in accountants

18 September 2018

Do you remember a time before online and mobile banking? A time when you’d walk into a bank and the manager would greet you by name, ask about your family and what you needed help with? That relationship and personal experience made us loyal to the bank because we felt like someone genuinely cared about us.

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Want to be more productive? Use these 5 digital business tools

13 September 2018

Running a small or medium sized business in East Africa is a constant hustle – that’s why so many entrepreneurs and business owners are using online applications to streamline collaboration and take the pain out of paperwork.

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Industrial Internet of Things: Connecting machines, people and data

12 September 2018

The industrial Internet of Things is starting to come of age, but are African organisations ready to use it to boost their global competitiveness? The reality is that many industrial companies in Africa are missing a critical building block for an Internet of Things strategy—a modern, robust, and integrated set of enterprise applications.

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The big misperception: Funding leads to business success

03 September 2018

61% of women cited not having access to money as a barrier to starting their own companies.
However, money is only one element of a successful business. Our research also found that skills, grit, hustling and smart time management are as important as financial management. Yet only 21% of women who did not have a business said they had good business skills and only 33% of business owners said they had good financial skills.

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West African businesses: Innovating for the future

30 August 2018

The rise of digital technology, globalisation and inequality all pose challenges for West African companies trying to keep pace with a rapidly evolving environment. Companies in the region need to think about ways they can future-proof their businesses so that they can be ready for a wave of social, economic and technological change – especially as competition heats up.

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