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Why bots? Less admin, more time for creative work

19 June 2017

Bots won’t take away (all of) your work, but they will help build a more creative workplace. Businesses shouldn’t be developing bots and artificial intelligence solutions just because they’re trendy, or because they think they can replace their employees.

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CIOs: it’s time to be less engineering and more pioneering

13 June 2017

CIOs are struggling to come to grips with a world changing at an exceptional pace – this was the picture that was painted at the recent IDC CIO Summit 2017 series that took place in Johannesburg, South Africa and Lagos, Nigeria.

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East African CIOs: Lead change to increase efficiency

13 June 2017

The role of the East African CIO has never been more critical to business success -- leading innovation, driving ROI and finding the right IT talent, all the while doing more with less, getting executive buy-in and ‘keeping the lights on’. This was the picture painted at the IDC CIO Summit in Nairobi today.

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A new meaning for CIOs: Champions of Innovation in Organisations

07 June 2017

What a difference 10 years makes.

In 2007, Apple released its first smartphone, services like Uber, WhatsApp and Instagram did not yet exist, and high-speed mobile broadband and fibre were a distant dream for most users in Africa. Now, there are 2 billion smartphones in global circulation and people depend on them for everything from messaging to shopping to banking to hailing a taxi. Kenya alone has at least 39 million internet users, an internet penetration of 89.7%.

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Is your accounting admin too taxing to deal with?

29 May 2017

If you’re like most business builders, you probably don’t love doing bookkeeping and working on your tax dues. You’d rather focus on what you do best – growing the company, bringing out new services and interacting with customers and employees.

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Why Made-in-Nigeria will give small businesses a boost

25 May 2017

Nigerian Federal Government should be commended for putting the spotlight on local manufacturers through initiatives such as the Made-in-Nigeria Dress Days and an Executive Order compelling state agencies to direct at 40% of procurement to Made-in-Nigeria goods and services.

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Austen-Peters & Co streamlines payroll with Sage Pastel Partner Payroll & HR

23 May 2017

Austen-Peters & Co, one of Nigeria’s leading law firms, has automated its payroll and human resources processes by implementing Sage Pastel Partner Payroll & HR. Softcodes International is the Sage business partner that helped implement the software.

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Nigerian CIOs must focus on the needs of the connected consumer

18 May 2017

The IDC CIO Summit, currently underway in Lagos, is focusing on how the next wave of social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies will unleash innovation and productivity in the enterprise by delivering better employee and customer experiences.

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Automation can help Kenyan businesses keep up with changing payroll legislation

17 May 2017

Payroll has traditionally been rather simple—pay your employees the right amount of money on the right day of the week or month and issue accurate payslips. However, the Kenyan payroll environment is becoming more complex as income tax regulations change and government and tax authorities place employers under more scrutiny.

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