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High interest rates: how do they impact small businesses in East Africa?

24 November 2016

Better access to low-interest funding could spur growth of East African Small & Medium Businesses

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East African CIOs should lead digital innovation at their organisations

10 November 2016

CIOs in East Africa must work closely with their boards to invest in technology that will enable their organisations to thrive against the background of more demanding customers, digital disruption and fiercer global competition.

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Accounting meets tech: the benefits of cloud accounting software for Small & Medium Businesses

01 November 2016

Sound bookkeeping is essential for a business’s financial well-being, which is why cloud accounting solutions have an invaluable role to play in helping Nigerian entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

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Small & Medium Businesses should be saving money for a bad day – Here’s how

31 October 2016

Today is World Savings Day, an event created to increase the public's awareness of the importance of savings for modern economies.

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Time is running out for Nigerian companies to get their tax houses in order

18 October 2016

With Nigerian tax authorities under pressure to find new sources of revenue, companies that do not yet comply with tax regulations must work fast to get their books in order and pay their tax dues.

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Software piracy takes a heavy toll on East African businesses

03 October 2016

Small & Medium Businesses in East Africa are beginning to open their eyes to the risks of pirated software and the benefits of legally licensed software, yet the rates of software piracy in the region still remain high.

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How to succeed in Uganda’s growing accounting practice economy

13 September 2016

Increasing business confidence in Uganda means the future is bright for local accounting practices. Since October 2015, Uganda’s Business Confidence Index has increased from 52.3 to its current figure of 57.9.

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How cloud software can help Kenya’s accounting practices

13 September 2016

There is a growing market for accounting practices in Kenya. Economic growth has improved significantly in the past decade, internet adoption is increasing (39%) and the country scored highly in innovation and financial services in the World Economic Forum’s 2015 Global Competitiveness Report.

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Sage announces the launch of Sage 50 Accounting in East and West Africa

20 July 2016

Sage, the global market leader for integrated accounting, payroll and payment systems, today announced the launch of Sage 50 Accounting in East Africa and West Africa. Sage 50 Accounting is a holistic accounting and business management solution for Small & Medium Businesses.

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