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It’s the new way to work!

Sage 50 Accounting is a super-smart solution that brings all the elements of your business together, enabling you to control your finances and maintain your relationships with your customers, suppliers and staff. All components in the Sage 50 Accounting range are fully integrated and share a common interface. Your data integrity is ensured and maintained in a central database. By adding on modules, you can make Sage 50 Accounting an incredibly effective business management software solution for your business.

**This product is only available in The following countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Togo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Sage 50 Accounting System Requirements

Sage 50 Accounting Overview Brochure

Take control of all business operations

From finances to employees, customer relationships to supplier engagements – Sage 50 Accounting gives business owners the power to control every aspect of the business, and to make decisions based on this on-hand data.

Sage 50 Accounting System Requirements
Sage 50 Accounting System Requirements
Product Featurees

Full integration means one reliable management experience

Powered by MS SQL Express and given a consistent user interface, Sage 50 Accounting’s functional integration allows for additional modules to be added to the core accounting package – for a scalable, flexible solution for your specific business needs. As your business grows, operational modules can be added and customised to suit your unique business environment.
Product Featurees

Get a holistic picture of your business

With Sage 50 Accounting’s dashboard display, you’ll be able to view every corner of your operational environment from one place.

Product Featurees

Low ownership costs

Sage 50 Accounting is quick to set up and deploy, with less time needed for configuration and training. This means our clients are spared from expensive installation, integration, and support fees.
Product Featurees

Sage 50 Accounting is developed for you

A uniquely African solution, Sage 50 Accounting is an accounting and business management solution that has been built for compliance with IFRS accounting standards, as well as local taxes in West Africa.
Product Featurees

Simple and customisable reporting

Sage Intelligence Reporting gives you control over what data is filtered into your periodic reporting. Manipulate accumulated data to recognise trends and gain insight, which can be used to inform new business decisions and identify potential areas for growth.