Sage Pastel Xpress Advantage Features for African Countries

Sage Africa


Grow your small to medium business with Sage Pastel Xpress Advantage with this customisable accounting solution.


Smart accounting with intuitive software

Sage Pastel Xpress Advantage has been developed to support your specific growing business environment. Start with one user licence and upgrade to three when necessary, with unlimited company licences. Store five years’ of transactional data, process the current and previous financial years’ data, and rest assured that your accounting will be compliant with SARS’ requirements.


General Ledger

Take advantage of the General Ledger feature for an overview of how your business is performing financially.


Sage Pastel Accounting Mobility

Get your accounting done on the go with our mobile app. Find customer details, look up items on your inventory, and use your mobile phone or tablet to process invoices as well as find local customers who are in close proximity. Grow and service your customer base without being chained to the office.


Forms Assistant

Create professional looking documents and statements in a few easy clicks.


Favourites Option

Add your favourite or most used options to our new Favourites option which we have added to the menu bar to allow for easy access. Easily customise the order of these options within the Favourites menu for even more convenience.


Automated bank reconciliation

The Sage Pastel Bank Manager allows you to automatically import bank statements and prepare your reconciliation without spending hours manually collecting and uploading transactional information. Save so much time with our Bank Manager feature.


Intelligent Business Reporting

Use real-time business data to make the right business decisions at the right time. Intelligent Business Reporting is a reporting tool that will give you an accurate bird’s eye view of your business performance, giving you a solid foundation on which to make the decisions that will take your business forward. Use one of the eight ready-to-use, yet completely customisable management reports for time-saving and efficient reporting.


Always have access to the latest software

Sage Pastel Xpress Advantage is automatically updated, which means that you will always be working on the most recent version of the software. You will never need to manually update or reinstall software – simply log in and go!

Inventory management

Keep track of your inventory and manage your stock, ensuring your customer service expectations can be met and you never run out.