Large Business Solutions

A better way to manage your entire business.

Sage Business Cloud offers a better way of managing operations, people, payroll, financials and your entire operation.

Embrace change at speed with the right solution for your business.

Business management

Gain more control and make smarter decisions on a global scale with a business management solution that’s faster, more intuitive and tailored than a traditional ERP.

People and Payroll

Simplify the payroll process, reduce administration, ensure compliance and deliver a better experience for your global workforce.

Find more ways Sage can help transform your business.

Gain real-time visibility of your global business

  • Quickly and easily see the financial position of your company and subsidiaries with intuitive reports and dashboards
  • Get instant and complete visibility of your global workforce to recruit, engage and retain employees

Reduce complexity and save time

  • Simplify critical elements of your global business, including accounts, cashflow, inventory, projects, suppliers, customers and more
  • Manage multiple global companies, currencies and general ledgers while complying with multi-country legislation
  • Ensure faster, more accurate payroll, increase employee collaboration, and enable an engaged and productive workforce

Boost Efficiency

  • Automate tasks to eliminate manual data entry and reduce inaccuracies, leading to a faster work environment
  • Simplify bank reconciliations. Detect unrecorded transactions and errors, and easily correct to reconcile your books
  • Work more efficiently with an intuitive solution that adapts to your workflows and makes it easy to collaborate

Work from anywhere, at anytime

  • Give your employees the flexibility to work from anywhere, at anytime
  • Send invoices and accept customer payment on site or commute
  • Working in the cloud helps reduce IT costs and allows for easy scalability

Ensure data security and compliance

Simplify data management to help ensure compliance with data privacy legislation, including the Privacy Act and EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Grow and retain your customer base

  • Gain visibility into marketing and sales performance with a single customer view across your business
  • Enhance visibility of your global customer base with intuitive dashboards

Attract and retain the best talent

  • Create a great candidate experience, from sourcing and evaluation to seamless on-boarding and career development
  • Spot future leaders, close skill gaps and build teams with a system that enables anywhere, anytime collaboration

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