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Get on board with all the advantages of the Cloud: Reduce your business risk, eliminate downtime, and increase your productivity and bottom line. 

How is the service charged?

HandiSoft Private Cloud attracts a monthly fee per user that includes delivery, maintenance and updates of: 

  • Sage HandiSoft SQL Software 
  • Microsoft Server, Exchange, Office 
  • Antivirus, firewall and backups 
  • Other applications for example: MYOB AccountRight, 24/7 technical support 

Clients will sign a contract with their chosen private cloud service provider. Sage HandiSoft licencing will continue to be paid directly to Sage HandiSoft. 

The service pricing should not be compared with the cost of simply purchasing a server. It covers hardware costs, latest versions of Microsoft applications, all IT support as well as updates of the installed software (including Sage HandiSoft and the annual rollover). This will eliminate the need to spend valuable time on technical tasks or outlay for Microsoft upgrades. 

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How does it work?

Sage HandiSoft has partnered with two experienced private cloud service providers to offer a fully integrated cloud solution that includes Sage HandiSoft and all your other business software. 

The service provider installs, manages and hosts Sage HandiSoft along with all your other applications on your behalf for a fixed monthly fee, providing the back office hardware, software, infrastructure and skills required for efficiency.

This is a more compelling alternative to the traditional software delivery method that involves you installing running and maintaining your applications on your own IT systems. 

The service provider takes responsibility for all technical, security and maintenance requirements, leaving you and your staff free to spend more billable hours with clients, and less time on software and technology issues.  

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How will I benefit?

No requirement to purchase and maintain a server. Access all your core applications from anywhere using any internet enabled device eg. PC, Notebook, iPad or PDA. Scalability - instantly add users without worrying about increasing server capacity. Reduce upfront cost - subscription pricing based on the number of users. 

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