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Sage HandiSoft Consulting Services

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On-site or online - the choice is yours.

Get software training from one of our expert consultants.

At Sage, we have a team of experienced consultants who can offer on-site and web-based consulting services to customers who require one-on-one training that is always customised to suit the specific needs of your practice, depending on what your requirements are. 

Here are just some of the services we provide: 
  • Remote Consulting
  • Initial Software Configuration
  • Customised Software Training
  • Custom Report Writing

Moving or changing large amounts of data can be very time consuming and an inefficient use of staff time.  Let us assist by using our custom tools to do the work for you.  Whether it be joining databases together (merges), separating them apart (splits), deleting bulk amounts of data, importing additional information, migrating your whole database from another software package or simply correcting the case of the text to make it standard we can help with it all.

Our team of consultants provide a personal and expert service from the comfort of your office, helping you and your team make the most of Sage HandiSoft’s time-saving features.

The consultants log in to your computer remotely and can help with a range of services that might include: customising your Sage HandiSoft settings, providing training to use Sage HandiSoft more effectively or answering any questions you may have. 

Key Features

  • Increase efficiency: we configure your workstations and train your team to make good use of the powerful Sage HandiSoft feature set. 
  • Personalised service: experienced consultants can answer your specific questions and provide training that is relevant to your situation. 
  • Cost effective: for a short time, you can benefit from the discounted rates for one-on-one consulting 
  • Saves time: you dictate the pace from your office without having to attend a training course.
  • Convenient: schedule a suitable time to learn from your own computer. 

Remote Desktop Configuration
If you need help with configuration, we can assist you to set up your modules efficiently and effectively. Remote Consulting Terms and Conditions

Have a consultant visit your office to answer questions you may have about your software.

They can run in-house training sessions, assist with configuration, discuss best use of the software, assist with customised Ledger reporting or review Time+Billing setup and reporting. Consultants can visit for as little as one hour or stay for a day or two. Time can be purchased by the hour, in a 4 or a 6 hour block. Travel fees are included in the 4 and 6 hour blocks when your office is less than 40 kms from one of our offices.

We understand that each practice is different and that you may need specific data for reporting purposes. Our consultants can create or customise reports and expressions to produce the information you require from your Sage HandiSoft database. This can include, but is not limited to: 
  • Incorporating tax information in a report, such as rental property details or deduction data.
  • Customising an existing report to include extra database items such as email addresses, categories and any of the extra label details an;
  • Customised reported data for easy importation into your other business systems such as Financial Planning Systems, Investment Management and more.

Please note: only invoice and statement layouts are available in Time+Billing.


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