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HandiTax Video

Course Outline

This video course consists of a set of 8 videos, each covering specific topics. 

HandiTax 1 

 This video will introduce you to navigating HandiTax and adding new clients

  • Navigation 
  • Customisation 
  • Help 
  • Adding a new client 

HandiTax 2

This video will introduce you to creating a new return, entering and exiting a tax return 

  • Creating a tax return without a database 
  • Create a new return  Entering and navigating a tax return 
  • Exit return 

HandiTax 3 

  • This video will introduce you to data entry within the tax return 
  • Salary and wages
  • Interest Funds Capital gains 
  • Pre-fill report 

HandiTax 4

This video will introduce you to the A5 spousal transfer, rental and depreciation data entry 

  • A5 spousal transfer 
  • Rental statement 
  • Depreciation worksheet 

HandiTax 5

This video will introduce you to further data entry in the tax estimate, importing from HandiLedger and doing a Trust distribution 

  • Entering PAYG and HECS information
  • Entering medical expenses Importing from HandiLedger
  • Trust distribution 

HandiTax 6 

 This video will introduce you to correcting errors, printing tax returns and blanking out client information on printed tax returns 

  •  Errors 
  •  Printing 
  •  Blank identifiers 

HandiTax 7 

This video will introduce you to setting up your ELS and lodging your tax returns 

  • Set up ELS 
  • Lodge tax returns 

HandiTax 8 

This video will introduce you to advanced features in HandiTax 

  • Locking lodged tax returns 
  • Customisation of printing tax returns 
  • Amendments Signatures 
  • Reporting options in the depreciation worksheet 
  • Automatic update of status through the validation report

Video Course

Duration: 3 hour
Pricing: $330 
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