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Practice Manager and Jobflow Manager - Video Course

Course Outline

This video course consists of a set of 9 videos on Practice Manager and 3 videos on Jobflow Manager, each covering specific topics. 

Practice Manager 1 

This video will introduce you to navigating Practice Manager
  • Navigating Practice Manager
  • Filtering the client browser
  • The Find, Tag, Delete and Change buttons
  • Customising the Client Browser
  • Program Buttons and the Preview Pane
  • Client Notes
  • Processing GST expenses
Practice Manager 2 

This video will introduce you to customising Practice Manager and the additional databases within the module
  • Start up view
  • Focus field
  • Access panel
Additional databases:
  • Prospective clients
  • Firm address book
  • Your address book
Practice Manager 3 

This video will introduce you to creating clients, user information and offices
  • Create a new client
  • Extra labels
  • Relationships
  • Groups
Practice Manager 4 

This video will introduce you to extra information, client relationships and reports
  • Deleting and resigning users
  • Managers and partners
  • Setting up offices
  • Changing client types
Practice Manager 5 

This video will introduce you to the user diary in Practice Manager
Customising your diary
Adding events into your diary
Practice Manager 6 

This video will introduce you to customising your diary and the To Do Lists
  • Create custom events
  • To Do Lists
  • Private Events and To Do Lists
  • Transferring items to Time+Billing
Practice Manager 7 

This video will introduce you to other users diaries and the daily group planner
  • Other users diaries 
  • Invitation to events
  • Create a user group
  • View the daily group planner
  • Creating a group appointment
  • Creating recurring events
Practice Manager 8 

This video will introduce you to leave events, the annual leave planner, firm holidays and event reports
  • Leave set up
  • Annual leave planner
  • Firm holidays
  • Event reports
  • Filters
  • Mailing labels
Practice Manager 9 

This video will introduce you to Mail Merges within Practice Manager
  • Mail merge from Practice Manager 

Jobflow Manager 1

This video course will demonstrate the functionality of Jobflow Manager.  

  • Options
  • Creating a master
  • Creating a job
  • Marking tasks as done
  • Previewing Jobflow information in Practice Manager
  • Reports 
Jobflow Manager 2

This video will introduce you to the Resource Allocation functionality within Jobflow Manager.
This video assumes strong working knowledge of Jobflow Manager.
Setting up Masters, Jobs and Tasks is not covered.

  • Staff member - Units of work values
  • Setting options
  • Viewing the staff planner
  • Updating existing jobs
  • Updating masters
  • Creating a new job
  • Reallocate work dates and staff
Jobflow Manager 3

This video will introduce you to the new functionality within Time+Billing and Jobflow Manager to allow budgets to be allocated and tracked against Jobflow Jobs. 

This video assumes strong working knowledge of Jobflow Manager and Time+Billing
  • Set up the link in Jobflow Manager
  • Complete relevant information in the Master
  • Create a new job and complete relevant fields
  • Import tasks into Practice Manager Diary
  • Import diary events into Time+Billing
  • Import tasks into Time+Billing
  • Create an invoice
  • View reports

Video Course

Duration: 9 videos x 10-min each + 3 videos x 12-min each
Pricing: $440*  

* pricing for current Financial Year subscription; unlimited access.

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