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Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management offers rich and integrated functionality to support all your core business processes with minimal IT investment and resources.

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Global Business Management Solution
Manage the most sophisticated, multi-company, business processes.

  • Share information and processes across different sites, at home or overseas
  • Support multiple languages, currencies, sites and companies
  • Access real-time business information anytime, anywhere through fully functional web client and mobile devices.
  • A full range of functions including finance, purchasing, sales, inventory, customer relationship management, service and manufacturing
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From accounting functions and cash management to analytics, budgets, and reporting – our enterprise management solution handles it all with ease. Global financial management is simplified by sharing common data among foreign sites, while respecting specific usage rules, currencies, and regulations.

  • User-defined fiscal calendars, general ledger accounts, and analytic dimensions.
  • Extensive budgeting capabilities.
  • Financial extraction, reporting and inter-company consolidation.
  • Employee expenses entry and management.
  • A complete audit trail available across the entire system.
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The world's leading manufacturers trust Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management to improve operations. Be quicker and nimbler with business processes including work and cost centre management, project management, routing, Bills of Material, formulas and recipes, scheduling, replenishment, quality control, and production analysis.

  • Manage multiple manufacturing modes such as Assemble To Order (ATO), Manufacture To Order (MTO), Configure To Order (CTO), Make To Stock (MTS) or operate in a mixed mode.
  • Use a technical data configurator for quotes and orders.
  • Create replenishment and planning rules.
  • Manage master production and materials resource planning MPS, MRP schedules.
  • Build work plans and carry out manufacturing analysis.
  • Use a variety of material tracking methods.
  • Carry out detailed cost accounting in-system.
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Avoid overspending by ensuring you get the right price from the right suppliers. 

  • Manage requests for tender and responses, contract and blanket orders, comprehensive supplier rating and classification, and statistics
  • Create free pricing criteria and associated rules
  • Plan and order with or without MRP replenishment
  • Create delivery scheduling and receiving
  • Control commitments against budget
  • Open item management and tracking
  • Create user-defined payment processes
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Business Process Management
Respond confidently and rapidly to changing business conditions and manage exception events using Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management.

  • Automate and simplify business processes and workflows to enhance performance, flexibility and visibility across all business functions
  • Set up event-based triggers, custom processes, and customise user profiles to automate the flow of information within and outside your enterprise
  • Manage multiple orders from multiple customers simultaneously, ensuring quality control of the inventory
  • Perform lot tracing, cost tracking, or identify product sources quickly and accurately in real-time 
  • Real-time performance indicators to streamline operations with end-to-end process integration
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Make the right offers to the right customer at the right time and simplify your everyday tasks such as order entry, quotes, product configuration, and credit checking.

  • Create a sales order process as per your requirements.
  • Manage quotes, contracts, blanket orders, orders, inventory allocation, delivery scheduling, shipping, returns, and invoicing.
  • Use a customised product configurator.
  • Carry out credit checking and customer ratings.
  • Create your own matrix of pricing rules.
  • Create your own cash collection process.
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Easily manage your supply chain from movements and transactions to quality control and replenishment. 

  • Flexible location management so that you can use dedicated, suggested, or random storage for single or multiple item location.
  • Stock management by physical location, lot and sub-lot, quality status, serial numbers, expiration dates and potency.
  • Inter-company, inter-site stock transfers and stock in transit management, enabling you to track lost damaged or stolen items.
  • Minimise stock-outs, reduce excess inventory, or simplify ordering.
  • Inventory replenishment with or without Material Requirements Planning (MRP).
  • Forward and backward traceability.
  • Manage logistics and track key information for a group of items with a single number driving efficiency across the supply chain.
Further improve profitability through in-depth forecasting and reduced stock-outs with Sage Inventory Advisor.
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EDI – Electronic Data Interchange
Eliminate paper-based transactions, avoid uncertainties, and manage your warehouse space better by using Mapadoc1 - an integrated EDI solution for Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management.

  • Eliminate duplicate entries and experience better cash flow, shorter cycle times, extensive inventory control, and competitive edge in the market.
  • Reduce mapping time by over 75% by allowing end-users to quickly and easily create their own maps for integrated documents.
  • Create multiple sales orders from one purchase order.
  • Automatically create shipment package information according to setup options.
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Business Intelligence and Reporting
Turn insights into actions with built-in business intelligence (BI) tools and a library of predefined reports that centralise data. 

  • Experience on-demand analytics and rapid decisions making with embedded, real-time business information.
  • View and alter data from any location using the web or mobile-based app.
  • Create reports with data across multiple fiscal years and budget sets.
  • User-defined triggering events for updating statistics in batch or real time.

Expand Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management’s core analytical capability with Sage Enterprise Intelligence or data governance capability with Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management Data and Analytics.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
With out-of-the-box customer service capabilities and integration with Microsoft Office®, you’ll always have the tools you need to make the most of every customer interaction. Get a 360° view of all your customers across sales, marketing, customer service and support.

  • Manage your sales opportunities.
  • Create and share customer information from “quote to cash”.
  • Build contact management strategies and create effective marketing campaigns.
  • Manage warranties and service orders.
  • Support call-centre capabilities and deliver outstanding customer service.
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Mobility Web Apps
Increase your revenues with mobile access across your business. Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management provides mobile access to your data from any mobile device.

  • Manage expenses, customers, sales workflow, purchasing workflow, search sales and purchases and stock inquiry out of the box
  • Ability to create your own apps or customise pre-built apps with the mobility toolkit provided
  • Place orders on-site with customers
  • Access critical business information on the go for smart decision making
  • Ability to work both offline and online
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Whether you need a multi-brand or a multi-country online presence from a single instance, seamlessly integrate your sales channel with the back office using Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management E-commerce.

  • Real-time integration to optimise order processing, product and inventory management, and customer service.
  • Improve business experience through self-service ordering, account look-up and stock availability checks.
  • Provide competitive pricing, faster delivery of goods, volume discounts, inventory availability, shipping quotes, and order status updates.
  • Maintain your own website or build a new B2C and/or B2B web store.
  • Engage customers who are “on the go” with free built-in mobile commerce shopping cart features with relevant real-time offers.
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Warehouse Management
Automate and integrate your business processes to keep your warehouse, inventory, production and service departments efficient using Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management's Warehouse Management solution. 

  • Manage intercompany and inter-site transfer order management
  • View stock balances by site including on-hand, reserved, available, on-order, in-transit, on backorder and QC.
  • Total traceability of inventory qualities in real time, both upstream and downstream by material flow management. 
  • Reserve inventory for key customers in advance of receiving their orders and allocate by lot numbers as required.
  • Use site parameters for flexible location numbering format definitions, as well as warehouse receiving, storing, and picking location assignments. 
Further enhance your warehouse capabilities with Warehouse Manager X3 - a specialised warehouse management solution powered by Datalinx1.

1 indicates Third Party or OEM Product

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