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Get paid quicker with Time+Billing

12 December 2016

Who wouldn’t like to get paid quicker?!

Sage HandiSoft’s Time+Billing module offers a number of options to assist you in getting paid faster. 


  1. Generate the invoice immediately after the work has been completed.  The quickest way to get paid is to generate the invoice promptly.  Instead of centralising your invoice creation process, you could consider the possibility of having your accountants raise their own invoices as soon as the work is done.  This can be aided by creating a fee schedule for recurring invoices or staff generating temporary invoices with all the correct details which can just be ‘approved’ by a senior staff member.
  2. Electronically send the invoice. The next step to prompt payment is to get the invoice to the client as quickly as possible.  Here are two options:
    a. Email the invoice rather than posting it - once the invoice is created simply use the ‘Post +Email’ option to dispatch it immediately.
    b. In conjunction with Document Manager, you can send a pdf of the invoice to the client via Client Portal along with all their other documentation for the job.
  3. Offer a discount – an incentive to pay early may well encourage late payers to pay more promptly.  This is very easily done by adding a discount to the invoice while you are creating it.
  4. Make your payment terms and payment options as easy to read as possible.  If your invoice layout looks a little unprofessional, congested or outdated, we can assist you to update it for a small fee.
  5. Aged debtors report – running the Aged Debtors report on a regular basis will assist you to stay on top of those who are falling behind in payments.  Consider using the ‘Show Client Notes’ option to see any notes made relating to late payment or a payment plan and add a filter to only show debt over a certain value.  You can also add the report to your Profiles so that you can run several reports at the click of the mouse on a regular basis.
  6. Follow up promptly.  Sending clients a friendly reminder can be the last bit of encouragement needed to get payment quickly.
    a. One option is to send a statement.  Statements can be run singularly or for a batch of clients and can be printed, emailed or sent directly to Client Portal.
    b. Another option is to use Notify to send an SMS to clients reminding them of the outstanding amount – a client reported that half an hour after sending 60 messages she had 26 replied, she was amazed!

If you are interested in learning more, you can purchase our recorded webinar ‘Time+Billing, Invoicing’ for $149 or, for an in-depth discussion with one of our consultants please contact our PSE coordinator on 08 9245 0688 or [email protected]

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