Sage MicrOpay provides helping hand for Finncare

“Now anyone in the HR team can assist with payroll, which means I can free up my time for different priorities”

Carmel Ward, Finncare, Payroll Manager

  • Customer: Finncare
  • Industry: Aged Care - Non-profit
  • Location: Queensland
  • System: Sage MicrOpay

Finncare is the only aged care provider for the Australian Finnish community. The company did not have an integrated payroll system, which meant Finncare were pained with extracting half of the payroll information from their roster program, and the remainder from manual timesheets. 

Running their payrolls fortnightly, each cycle took Payroll Manager, Carmel Ward, five to six hours to complete and had to rely on staff members filling up their manual timesheets accurately. Manual timesheets had to be inputted into Excel spreadsheets, which doubled up on processes, and due to the consistently large amount of human error. This caused payroll to be often late, or had to be re-calculated as it was incorrectly manually processed. This cost Finncare an extensive amount of man-hours, time-loss, and was becoming increasingly inefficient.

After looking at various options in the payroll solutions space, Finncare decided to use one of Sage’s payroll solution, Sage MicrOpay, as it had all the features the HR team was looking for, was easy to use and well priced. 

Sage also recommended a new roster system to Finncare as part of the new solution offering and since then, they have cut down time spent on processing payroll from six hours to two per cycle.

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