Not-for-Profit Ngala controls payroll costs with Sage MicrOpay

“Years ago we outsourced payroll to a company that used Sage MicrOpay. The software did the job required and we liked the range of reports on offer, so when our needs had grown and it was time to bring the payroll back in-house, the obvious choice was to stick with Sage MicrOpay.”

Suzanne Higgins, Ngala, Chief Financial Officer

  • Customer: Ngala
  • Industry: Not for Profit, parenting services
  • Size: 200 employees and 18 branches
  • System: Sage MicrOpay

Ngala is Western Australia’s leading not-for-profit provider of early parenting services for families with children 0-6 years.

Much of Ngala’s funding is project-based and comes from State and Federal government grants. Across all three entities, the largest portion of expenditure for each program is usually the payroll.

For the past couple years, Ngala’s payroll management has been made easier with the help of Sage MicrOpay, a comprehensive and advanced payroll system developed to meet the needs of Australian mid-sized employers.

Ngala liked Sage’s easy access to company information, the range of data, reporting capabilities and the greater control over their payroll. Furthermore, Sage MicrOpay was affordable and thanks to a Lotterywest grant Ngala could afford to bring payroll back in-house. Another important factor that helped to confirm the organisation’s decision was the ready availability of Sage MicrOpay skills, especially through Sage’s own nationwide payroll staff recruitment service.

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