Sage MicrOpay provides payroll aid to Vicdeaf

“The migration to Sage MicrOpay was quick and seamless, our IT administrator installed the software the previous day and the Sage consultant successfully converted the data from the older system within 25 minutes.”

Gary Hunt Manager, Finance and Administration, Victoria Deaf Society

Customer: The Victorian Deaf Society (Vicdeaf)
Industry: Non for Profit
System: Sage MicrOpay

Sage MicrOpay provides payroll aid to Vicdeaf

Like many organisations that work with Australian government agencies, Vicdeaf is ISO 9000: 2001 certified. This set of standards developed by ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) applies to business processes, such as payroll.
ISO certified organisations are audited annually to ensure they meet the standards and are engaging in best practices in relation to business processes.

When Vicdeaf was audited, the auditor recommended the organisation implement a single HRIS (Human Resource Information System) to improve the management and monitoring of core HR functions, including payroll.

Vicdeaf contacted Sage and explained how the organisation required a HR system that could integrate with its existing payroll system.
Understanding the organisation’s budget limitations, and as an existing customer, Sage offered to provide Vicdeaf its payroll solution, as well as its required HR software module at an affordable price.

Sage provided Vicdeaf with specialised training sessions to assist its payroll officer, Donna Dettman, who is deaf. Sage MicrOpay held the two day product training sessions at Vicdeaf’s office so that two of the organisation’s interpreters could attend. Once the training and installation were complete, VicDeaf was able to carry out payroll and HR processes that were efficient and compliant. 
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