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Grumpy Donuts chooses Sage Business Cloud Accounting for it's scalability with a growing business

“We love the scalability – we know in time it has the depth of functionality to provide the additional financial management support our expanding business will need.”

Scott and Elise Honeybrook, Owners

Toasted brioche, sour sugar icing, raspberry lime sprinkles are flavours that tickle the pallets of many. Imagine, if they were the topping of freshly baked donut? The result is an instant party in your mouth!

This is exactly what Sydney small business owners, Scott and Elise Honeybrook thought when they came back from an overseas adventure in search for some of the world’s tastiest treats. Now their business Grumpy Donuts is bringing these flavours to Sydney’s doorstep.  Starting out in their own home kitchen which could only make nine donuts at a time, their creations are now delivered straight from a larger rented kitchen which is able put out an amazing 400 donuts.  The big flavours are so popular it is keeping this small business on one big sugar high as orders keep coming through the door.

Down the donut hole

Following several visits to the US and Canada, Scott and Elise identified a niche in the market for tasty baked treats in Annandale, NSW.  The self-professed donut enthusiasts identified an opportunity in the Sydney foodie scene for artisan American-style donuts, with a twist. From here, the pair began experimenting with different flavours, shapes and recipes, and after eight months of testing (and tasting) Grumpy Donuts was born.

“When we started thinking about it, it wasn’t a serious thing. But, the more we thought about it the more real the potential became.  We started to believe we could actually do it; it was the stuff of dreams to make our passion for donuts a small business reality,” says Elise Honeybrook, co-founder Grumpy Donuts.

As the business started to kick off, orders were coming in thick and fast. To control supply and demand they took to cloud and put up a website that allowed them to get orders in advance. It quickly became clear to the couple that starting a new business meant there was never a time when the doors closed, and the work was done. But, Scott and Elise were determined to give their idea their best shot and underwent eight months of trial and error. Amidst all this creative baking, they had to make sure the back-end of the business was also hitting the sweet spot in their pockets.

“To those thinking of starting their own business, I would remind them that with a start-up the work never stops! I always knew that it would not be easy, but starting from scratch goes hand in hand with a certain amount of pressure to pave the way for your business to grow and be a success,” Elise said.

Donuts on the run

90 percent of the Grumpy Donuts business is run from the couple’s home, but when it comes to the business admin this is usually complete outside the kitchen aka home office. To help keep the business pumping as fast as the demand for the butter flavoured frosting, Elise and Scott use the Sage Business Cloud Accounting app so they can easily access and amended their finances on the go and at any time.

“The Sage Business Cloud Accounting app is so handy! When we are out on deliveries and customers request invoices we can use the app to access what they need and email it over to the customer on the spot!” said Elise.

Real-time access to the business finances and admin also allows the couple to update live documents from the car, in between deliveries and in the kitchen while they are waiting for the donuts bake. The continuous backing up of files also puts their mind at ease, as it closes the risk of losing documents when the save button doesn’t get him.

Right now the reality is that Grumpy Donuts is still a young business and the company’s financial management requirements are basic.  However, if demand for the product continues to grow as it has, the business admin and financials requirements will likely increase as the business evolves. By selecting Sage Business Cloud Accounting the features they will need to help manage the growth of the business are already built into the software and can be switched on at the touch of a keystroke.

“We love the scalability of Sage Business Cloud Accounting – we know in time it has the depth of functionality to provide the additional financial management support our expanding business will need.  We also know that when the time comes to hire an accountant they will instantly be able to onboard all our data thanks to the integration capabilities that come with Sage Business Cloud Accounting,” said Elise.

The future is very bright for Grumpy Donuts and as they grow Sage Business Cloud Accounting will be there with them every step of the way.
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