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How safe is your data?

How safe is your data?

04 August 2017

With the recent surge in Ransomware attacks affecting businesses worldwide, the spotlight is back on data protection. 

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts your files until you pay for a code to unlock them. What makes it so harmful is that it can actually change, learn and grow to avoid anti-virus programs. 

It’s therefore critical that you take precautions to lessen your chance of getting infected. These easy tips and tricks will be useful:

  • Only open emails from people you know and trust. Keep in mind, however, that spammers will sometimes spoof email addresses so it looks like someone you know is sending you a message.
  • Double check the email’s content. An example would be someone stating they are responding to your message. Make sure that you actually sent them something earlier.
  • Do not click on links in your email unless you are absolutely sure it is safe. As an added precaution, configure your browser to use link reputation to check the link.
  • Always ensure that your software applications, operating systems, and Internet browsers are up to date so the ransomware can’t exploit vulnerabilities in your system.
  • Review and update your company IT practices regarding email attachments and links. Make sure your company firewall filters any executable files, zip files, or questionable links.
While these tips will help you minimise the chances of a Ransomware attack, it’s also critical to ensure you have a strong disaster recovery plan in place – one that includes a good backup and storage solution. It’s especially important to review and test your backup procedures before the accumulation of this year’s client data.

Why not consider an online backup solution like Sage DataSecure which runs as a service on your computer. Sage DataSecure launches an automatic backup of your selected data daily at a scheduled time as long your computer is powered on and you have internet connectivity.

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