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Every minute a business owner has to spend on admin and bureaucracy takes away from the chance to make their vision a business reality. How does this cost bear out and how can a business owner overcome it?

Sweating the Small Stuff: The impact of the bureaucracy burden

22 September 2017

Sage Report - Sweating the Small Stuff

Foreword by Stephen Kelly

What could the world’s Small & Medium Businesses do with an extra 120 days a year?

I open with this question because this is how long the average small business currently spends on admin – like paperwork, accounting and recruiting.

We consistently hear from our customers the world over just how burdensome bureaucracy is for them, and how much it distracts them from the real, valuable work of growing their businesses. Because let’s face it – no one started their own business because they dreamed of creating an expense report or chasing a late payment. This small stuff turns into a sizeable, worrying burden. 

We commissioned a survey of over 3000 companies across 11 countries to consider whether technology can be used to reduce this burden, and how governments can encourage its take-up.

Download the report to also get access to an bonus fact sheet on key findings for Australia, looking at the 99.8% of firms which are considered to be medium-sized or smaller and the administration challenges they face.

Download your free "Sweating the Small Stuff" research report

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