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Sage HandiTax Cloud Updates

Please find below the latest updates to Sage HandiTax Cloud which you can find in-product.

2019 Updates

21 June - Release 2.19
  • Registration with the ATO for Practitioner Lodgment Service (PLS) via SBR for a range of forms.
  • Registration with the ATO for paper lodgment of major forms excluding Fund Form (FITR).
  • Foreign resident property worksheet has been added to the Individual Income Tax Return.
  • Tax form changes - complete list is available here
  • Depreciation worksheet enhanced with an effective life of asset field to calculate the depreciation rate.
  • All forms, schedules and declarations updated to:
    • SBR Specifications Individual Income Tax Return (IITR) 2019 Package V1.0
    • SBR Specifications Non-Individual Income Tax Return (NITR) 2019 Package V1.2
Download Release Notes 2.19
6 June - Release 2.13

  • Prefill data at Item D5 in the Individual Income Tax Return (IITR) has been revised to allow its deletion.
  • User access to a Practice has been revised in cases where the user is associated to multiple Practices and one has expired.
  • State field is now mandatory when creating a new Practice with an Australian address to ensure the SoftwareID can be generated correctly.
Download Release Notes 2.13
9 April - Release 2.12

  • Withholding Payer Number (WPN) input available in Individual return (IITR) form Item 1 Salary and Wages.
  • Additional Bug Fixes.
Download Release Notes 2.12
26 February - Release 2.11

  • FBT 2019 Tax return available to create with lodgment available from the 1st April 2019.
  • Manage Agent Trust (MAT) service available providing tax agents the ability to add, update or delete agent’s trust account details.
  • Withholding Payer Number (WPN) input available in Employment Termination Payments Schedule (ETP).
  • Added drop-down lists for Title and Suffix codes for the Public Officer's Declaration name on Company Tax Returns.
  • Additional Minor Backend Bug Fixes.
Download Release Notes 2.11
2 January - Release 2.10

  • Minor Backend Bug Fixes:We resolved a number of internal fixes that are not visible to you, but enhance stability.
Download Release Notes 2.10

2018 Updates

26 November - Release 2.09
Enhancements and resolutions:

  • Direct Debit form added:The Direct Debit form has been added to list of returns that can be created and lodged using HandiTax Cloud.
  • IITR Worksheet Copy Printing:Modified to allow printing of an IITR worksheet copy in the following instances.
  • - An individual tax return status’ is lodged.
    - An individual tax return contains a depreciation worksheet.
  • IITR Prefill: Resolved an issue where the ABN / WPN from prefill was not populating relevant labels in the IITR main form.
Download Release Notes 2.09
5 November - Release 2.08

  • Blanking Identifiers::Resolved an issue where the prefill value at Item 9 – Tax Withheld was not generated in the transmission payload.
Download Release Notes 2.08
9 October - Release 2.07
Enhancements and resolutions:

  • Blanking Identifiers::The ‘Blanking Identifiers’ option has been enhanced that includes the ability to.
  • - Blank Exported Names that includes Business name, beneficiary’s name and payer’s name.
    - Blank Other Identifiers that includes TFN, address and email address.
  • IITR Amendment: Modified the SBR transmission to utilise the practice ABN as an intermediary where the Tax Agent details had not been assigned an ABN.
  • Tax Agent ABN: Users can create an Individual Income Tax return (IITR) amendment.
  • Opening Tax Forms: Opening tax forms updated in situations where the TFN of the tax return was entered at Item 13 of IITR and Item 8 of the PTR and TRT returns.
Download Release Notes 2.07
1 October - Release 2.06
Enhancements and resolutions:

  • SBR Pre-fill 2018:Pre-fill enhanced to consider apportioned amounts for.
  • - Gross Interest amounts at Item 10.
    - Dividend amounts at Item 11
  • Due Date Field: Modified the SBR transmission to utilise the practice ABN as an intermediary where the Tax Agent details had not been assigned an ABN.
  • Tax Agent ABN: Inactive users for a practice will no longer have access reporting functionality for that practice.
  • Declaration: The declaration ‘Part B’ relating to EFT declaration revised to always show in the worksheet copy.
  • Multi-Factor: Multi-Factor Authentication 6-digit pin code entry revised for multi-browser optimisation.
Download Release Notes 2.06
3 September - Release 2.04
Enhancements and resolutions:

  • Prefill 2018 IITR:Prefill for the 2018 Individual Income Tax Return (IITR) is available.
  • Additional Forms now available:
    - Consolidated Group Notification Schedule (CGNFT) standalone tax form.
    - Interpose Election Entity (IEE) standalone tax form.
    - Family Trust Election, Revocation or Variation (FTER) standalone tax form
  • Lodgment List Review: A new 'Lodgment List' option in the 'Lodgment Screen' to display a list of the Selected Tax Forms prior to lodgment.
  • Inactive Users Restrictions Tightened: Inactive users for a practice will no longer have access reporting functionality for that practice.
Download Release Notes 2.04
20 August - Release 2.03

  • Latest ATO SBR specifications updated:
    - Individual Income Tax Return (IITR) 2018 Package V1.6.
    - Non-Individual Income Tax Return (NITR) 2018 Package V1.5.
  • International Dealings Schedule update: International Dealings Schedule Items 9b G1, G2, G3 code descriptions have been updated.
Download Release Notes 2.03
24 July - Release 2.02
Enhancements and resolutions:

  • IITR Address Field: Individual Income Tax Return (IITR) address field updated to allow a hyphen to be entered for example C/-.
  • CGT rule IITR.310069: Capital Gains Tax Schedule (CGTS) updated to fix validation rule IITR.310069.
  • Non-resident Estimate Update: Tax Estimate calculation for taxable income revised for a Non-resident.
  • User can view client list: Security settings for option View / Other Staff Clients has been revised to ensure the User can view their client list.
  • User Permissions Updated: Fixed user permissions settings under option Edit Groups / Permissions that prevented changes to be saved.
  • Missing Phone Number Issue Updated: Fixed an issue where a missing phone number was preventing a Tax Return from opening.
Download Release Notes 2.02
9 July - Release 2.01
Blank Identifiers Option:

Added the functionality to blank out the identifiers when printing the tax returns. This is available from the Administration->My Profile screen. It will be turned on by default.

Sage HandiTax Cloud - Blank Identifiers Option
Other enhancements and resolutions:

  • Not ‘Ready to Lodge’ Warning: Added the functionality to show a warning if the tax return is error free and the status is not ‘Ready to Lodge’. This won’t prevent lodgment and is informational only.
    Sage HandiTax Cloud - Not Ready to Lodge
  • Improved Search: Added a new search item in Form Type for IAS- Closely Held Trusts on the main client listing screen.
  • Overseas Address: Added the functionality to add overseas address for the Practice and the individual Users. Valid Countries can be selected from a drop-down list. Any Form that allows an overseas address will also be able to select the Country from a drop-down list.
  • Rollover for ‘Non-Residents’: Fixed an issue where the original Tax Return was a Non Resident and a rollover or amendment form was created, it was created as a Resident.
  • CGT Error: Fixed an error that indicated a Capital Gains Tax Schedule (CGTS) was required even though the schedule existed within the return. Corrected for 2016 and 2017 returns, but was not an issue in 2018.
  • Printing: Fixed an issue where the ‘Depreciation Transferred’ text was not displaying on the PDF export of the form.
Download Release Notes 2.01
25 June - Release 2.00
New 2018 Tax Forms:

HandiTax Cloud is registered with the ATO for Practitioner Lodgment System (PLS) via SBR for the following 2018 forms:
  • IITR - Individual
  • CTR - Company
  • PTR - Partnership
  • TRT - Trust
  • SMSFAR - Self managed superfund

Other new features and enhancements:

  • Paper Registration: The 2018 forms listed above are registered with the ATO for paper lodgment.
  • Bulk Rollover: New functionality has been added that can facilitate a bulk rollover that creates 2018 forms and data from 2017 forms.
Download Release Notes 2.00
30 Apr - Release 1.19
New Support Tools:

Our HandiTax Cloud support consultants can now request a customer to securely share tax form data for the purposes of assisting in the resolution of a support query.

Sage HandiTax Cloud - Support Tools
Other new features and enhancements:

  • A new Audit Log Report and security permissions for Users
  • Added the ability to change the Client Type if the incorrect Tax Form has been created
  • Fixed issues with the Prefill functionality and populating the Individual Tax Form with additional data
  • Improvements to the Lodgment Statistics Report
Download Release Notes 1.19
16 Apr - Release 1.17-18
New Report Builder Filters:

Filters for Latest Date, Interviewed, Lodgement Date, Notice Received, Payment Due added, Industry Code and Occupational Code.

Sage HandiTax Cloud - Report Builder
Other new features and enhancements:

  • New more informative wording on the Client Assign screen
  • Added the ability to assign a Tax Agent when changing the Client Practice on a Linked Practice
  • Renamed the main form to SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund) to follow SBR naming conventions
  • The Validate Link for Tax Forms will now be displayed when using Firefox
  • Resolved I Form issue with Prefill data and a Related Spouse reference
  • Fixed an issue where the information was not pulling through to the declaration of Activity Statements
  • Rearranged the Tax Agent field on the Client List to display the full Agent Number and Name
  • Functionality to automatically populate the ABN from the Practice ABN for new Tax Agents added
  • Added the Service and Subscription details to the Help Menu
Download Release Notes 1.17-18
19 Mar - Release 1.15-16
Re-assign tax forms and clients when deleting a tax agent:

You can now re-assign tax forms and clients to an existing or a newly created tax agent when you delete a tax agent no longer in use.

Sage HandiTax Cloud - Re-assign tax forms and clients
Other new features and enhancements:

  • An improved Client Lodgment Statistics report with new filters.
  • Added the ability to filter the Client List by Tax Agent Number.
  • New FBT Form.
  • Redesigned of the Lodgment Summary screen for a better user experience.
  • Allow the use of alpha characters in the Bank Account detail fields on Clients and Tax Agents. (Please note that lodging 2016 and 2017 tax forms will not pass validation if there are alpha characters in the account number).
  • The TRT (T-Form) now has the Refund option available under the Export menu when there is an Individual in the Statement of Beneficiary section (Item 54).
  • Improved the security and user permissions to assign a Client to a different Practice.
Download Release Notes 1.15-16
13 Feb - Release 1.12-14
Compatible device have been added to include:

  • Microsoft Surface Pro
  • Apple Mac – any device running High Sierra
  • Laptop and desktop computers running windows
  • iOS and Android Tablets << NEW
Multi-factor Authentication

Data security is our number one priority. You now have an additional layer of security to protect you HandiTax Cloud account from being compromised by malware and phishing.

Sage HandiTax Cloud Multi Authentication
Banking Details on the Client Profile:

You can now save your client banking details on the client profile.
Download Release Notes 1.12-14
4 Jan - Release 1.11
Compatible device have been added to include:

  • Microsoft Surface Pro
  • Apple Mac – any device running High Sierra<< NEW
  • Laptop and desktop computers running windows
Create New Groups

Practices can now create their own defined user groups with pre-set user permissions. This will make it easier for practices to add new users with permission sets which are applicable to the working processes of the practice.
Return Report Builder

By Agent Number: It is now possible to create a report of tax returns for a specific tax agent based on their TAN. This is useful for practices with multiple agents that want to run reports for an individual agent.

Exporting the filter information to PDF: The filter information included in PDF copies of tax return reports has been simplified.
Lodged (sealed) tax forms and Client details

When modifying the TFN or DOB of a client, this change will no longer be reflected in any tax return which was previously lodged.
Download Release Notes 1.11

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