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Sage MicrOpay Updates

Please find below the latest updates to Sage MicrOpay, including installers and instructions to update.

2018 Updates

20 Mar - Release 8.0.030
The highlights of this release include:

  • New Zealand tax changes for the 2018/2019 financial year, so if you process New Zealand payroll this is a mandatory release for you.
  • We've added a new tax scale specifically for Working Holiday Makers.
  • Changes to the TFN Declaration in the employee record and in the New Employee wizard and some related changes to employee Tax Details.
  • Single Touch Payroll (STP) readiness.

Download 8.0.030 release notes

How to Upgrade Sage MicrOpay

For version 8.0.030, you will have the choice of two methods for downloading Sage MicrOpay upgrades:

  • downloading the Sage MicrOpay Installer from each PC where Sage MicrOpay is installed then using it to download and run the upgrade.
  • downloading a zip file containing the upgrade files, then running the upgrade

The zip file can be copied to each PC where Sage MicrOpay is installed, or saved to an accessible network location.

Once the upgrade files are downloaded, the same process is used to upgrade your software, via the Sage MicrOpay Setup wizard. The first time that you sign-in to Sage MicrOpay after the software is upgraded, the payroll and common databases are upgraded.

How to Upgrade Sage MicrOpay ESP

For detailed steps please refer to e-Knowledge Answer 511.

Download Installer

Using the Sage MicrOpay Installer is an easy way for Sage MicrOpay users to directly download the latest upgrade and then install it for themselves. This will probably be the preferred upgrade option when you, as a Sage MicrOpay user, are responsible for upgrading without assistance from your IT department.
Also, some customers have experienced issues when upgrading from the self-extracting zip file because operating system security properties/anti virus software identify the self-extracting folder as a potential threat and block the install. Sometimes, it can appear as though the upgrade has completed successfully, but critical files are blocked or prevented from installing correctly. Using the Installer may be a better option for you, if you have had these issues in the past.

Download Sage MicrOpay Installer

For detailed steps on how to upgrade Sage MicrOpay, click here to see e-Knowledge Answer 96.

Download Sage MicrOpay ESP Installer

For detailed steps on how to upgrade Sage MicrOpay ESP, click here to see e-Knowledge Answer 511.

Download Zip File

If your IT department will be carrying out your upgrade they may choose to use the zip file which is the slightly more advanced option. If you prefer to download the upgrade file once, then install it for each Sage MicrOpay user, the self-extracting zip file may be a better option for you.

Sage MicrOpay

Sage MicrOpay ESP