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Please find below the latest updates to Sage MicrOpay, including installers and instructions to update.

2019 Updates

20 Mar - Release v.8.1
This release contains important changes related to New Zealand payroll processing, as well as other changes and fixes.

For our customers processing New Zealand payroll, this is a mandatory release:
  • New Zealand tax changes for the 2019/2020 financial year.
  • New features to support Payday filing, which becomes mandatory from 1 April 2019.

Other enhancements:
  • Some fixes and improvements for STP.
  • A change to permit one, primary employer super contribution only.

Download 8.1 Release Notes

Product Downloads

Download Installer

Using the Sage MicrOpay Installer is an easy way for Sage MicrOpay users to directly download the latest upgrade and then install it for themselves:

Download Sage MicrOpay Installer
For detailed steps on how to upgrade Sage MicrOpay, click here to see e-Knowledge Answer 96.

Download Sage MicrOpay ESP Installer
For detailed steps on how to upgrade Sage MicrOpay ESP, click here to see e-Knowledge Answer 511.

Download Zip File

If your IT department will be carrying out your upgrade they may choose to use the zip file which is the slightly more advance option. If you prefer to download the upgrade file once then install it for each Sage MicrOpay user the zip file may be a better option for you:

Sage MicrOpay

Sage MicrOpay ESP

For Sage ESS customers only:

Sage MicrOpay Client Service v

This update includes the following changes:

  • Retrieving Employee Details from Sage MicrOpay will now also now retrieve Email Type.
  • Employee bank account names containing special characters, i.e. single or double quotes, will now be accepted by the Sage MicrOpay WebAPI.
  • Retrieving Employee Leave Forecasts will now also retrieve Long Service Leave pre 1993 entitlements (PreEntHours and PreEntDays), and pre 1978 entitlements (Pre78EntHours and Pre78EntDays).

2018 Updates

7 Dec - Release v.8.0 SP4
In this release, we introduce a new feature, called Sage Notifications as well as several enhancements to Single Touch Payroll Reporting.

Keeping you informed with relevant Notifications
  • Introducing Sage Notifications, a new way of keeping you up to date with the latest Sage MicrOpay updates, version releases and other important legislative announcements and information.
  • If there is a new notification, this will be displayed each time you sign in.
  • A new menu option called ‘Notifications’ has been added to the menu bar, which can be viewed at any time and you can mark as ‘read’.

Single Touch Payroll Reporting functionality enhancements
  • Ability to filter STP Reporting grid by Payment date range.
  • Reporting of YTD pay values for employees whose total pay is salary sacrificed or who receive reimbursement payments.
  • EFT and non-EFT transactions for the same payroll company and pay period can now be reported in a single Pay Event.

Download 8.0 SP4 Release Notes

24 Sep - Release v.8.0 SP3

Get your answers faster – with Pegg, Sage’s smart assistant chatbot:
  • Minimise the need to contact support, by simply chatting to Pegg, our brand new online assistant that you can query directly in MicrOpay. With hundreds of answers prepared from our top Customer Support queries and eKnowledge answers, you will be equipped to get answers faster.
  • Help Pegg grow, the bot gets smarter with every conversation and will learn answers to new questions that it hasn’t got the answer to yet.
  • Look for the Pegg icon located in the top tabs of your MicrOpay solution to start chatting.

Single Touch Payroll Reporting functionality enhancements
  • A new STP Adjustment, which enables the amendment of previously reported, year-to-date employee values.
  • New functionality that allows a Deduction Before Tax to be set up as an employer contribution for employees on total remuneration, which enables correct reporting of contribution values as Super in STP Reporting.
  • Intermediary STP reporting now available, allows an intermediary such as a registered tax agent to complete STP Reporting on an employer’s behalf.
  • Ability to exclude specific employees from STP Reporting.
  • Full-file replacement functionality, to enable a user to replace a pay event previously reported to the ATO.

Download 8.0 SP3 release notes

30 Jul - Release v.8.0 SP2 B2
This bulletin includes changes to the Payment Summary and Pay Advice production process, and enhancements to STP Reporting.

Changes to Payment Summary and Pay Advice production process
Ensuring consistent behaviour with pay advices and pay summaries, preventing interruption in the production process.

STP Reporting functionality enhanced
Sage MicrOpay will now allow End of Pay to be run when there are unreported pay events. We’ve also improved the validation of fields in STP Reporting and STP Update to prevent Unknown Errors when reporting.

Download 8.0.213 SP2 B2 release notes

27 Jun - Release v.8.0.210 SP2 B1
The highlights of this release include:

  • ETP Tax Free Termination Payment value is now correctly reported in STP Reporting and STP Update events.
  • Payroll Report Gross and OTE values are now displaying correctly in the previous financial year STP Update window.
  • When reporting an STP Update event with Employees Terminated in the selected Financial Year, the STP Update grid will display the same employees before and after change of tax year is run.
  • Employees who have 8-digit TFNs are now reported correctly in STP Reporting and STP Update events.

Download 8.0.210 SP2 B1 release notes

18 Jun - Release 8.0.207 SP2
The highlights of this release include:

  • Australian Tax Changes for the 2018/2019 year.
  • We've introduced several new features related to STP Reporting, including:
  • The ability to report multiple pay events at one time.
  • A new STP Event report, which can be generated prior to reporting a Pay Event or Update Event.
  • Several changes to the STP Update window.
  • An option to exclude some specific, Employer Contribution values from Pay and Update Events.
  • New messages displayed at End of Pay and when Payment Summaries are produced.
  • New options in employee Termination Details to show an employee's Final Event reporting status.
  • Rate details can now be entered via the New Employee wizard.

Download 8.0.207 SP2 release notes

1 Jun - Release 8.0.109 SP1
The highlights of this release include:

  • The main purpose of Sage MicrOpay version 8.0.109 SP1 is to release additional functionality related to STP Reporting, bringing the first version of Update Event functionality.
  • Customers processing New Zealand payroll can now report Employee Share Scheme (ESS) amounts separately to other pay values in the EMS.
  • On upgrade, a check of the SQL Server version and SQL Server compatibility setting is performed.
  • We've corrected several issues related to creating new employees via the New Employee wizard.

Download 8.0.109 SP1 release notes

20 Mar - Release 8.0.030
The highlights of this release include:

  • New Zealand tax changes for the 2018/2019 financial year, so if you process New Zealand payroll this is a mandatory release for you.
  • We've added a new tax scale specifically for Working Holiday Makers.
  • Changes to the TFN Declaration in the employee record and in the New Employee wizard and some related changes to employee Tax Details.
  • Single Touch Payroll (STP) readiness.

Download 8.0.030 release notes

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