World Congress of Accountants Sydney 2018

The world's leading accounting and finance experts are coming to Sydney.

Sage is proud to be a major sponsor of the 20th World Congress of Accountants (WCOA) in Sydney, 5-8 November 2018, bringing together more than 6,000 delegates from over 130 countries to learn form, engage and network with international accounting and business visionaries and leaders at a momentous event.

Centred on the theme of creating relevance of the accountancy profession against a backdrop of unprecedented change globally, this is the forum where the future direction of the Accountancy profession will be interrogated, re-imagined and re-shaped, with Sage poised to support accountants and businesses to harness the boundless opportunities created by digital disruption, and to navigate this new world of possibilities.

With renowned experts and thought-leaders at Sage speaking at the event, and our technological capabilities on showcase at Stand #19, we hope you can join us at WCOA!

Sage at World Congress of Accountants

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Kerry Agiasotis at WCOA

Kerry Agiasotis

Executive Vice President - Asia Pacific

Enabling connected business through proactive innovation

Monday 5th November, 10am – 12pm

During this time of unprecedented disruption, businesses are being transformed. Rapid adoption of cloud technologies is driving significant change to business models through a shift to new platform and ecosystem driven economies. In this workshop Kerry will share how businesses can harness the power of cloud platforms and ecosystem to become a more agile, integrated, and automated ‘connected business’ to operate and flourish in this new paradigm.

Kerry has more than 20 years of business management, sales and consulting experience gained primarily in the Financial Services and IT industries, having worked recently in leadership positions at Western Union, Oracle and Siebel Systems.

Joining Kerry on stage will be his panelists:

Kerry Agiasotis' WCOA Panel - Brodie Dixon
Brodie Dixon

Managing Director, H&R Block Australia

Brodie Dixon is Managing Director of H&R Block Australia. Since joining seven years ago, he has led a digital transformation, enabling H&R Block’s 750,000+ clients to fully engage with the company online. Clients can complete their taxes online using DIY software, upload their documents and have a Tax Advisor complete it for them, or book an appointment online to see one of 2500+ Tax Advisors across 450+ offices.

Kerry Agiasotis' WCOA Panel - Dan Bognar
Dan Bognar

Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific - Solutions Engineering, Cloud Sales, Industries and Innovation, Salesforce

Dan Bognar joined Salesforce in April 2012. Dan is currently serving as Senior Vice President Asia Pacific for both its Enterprise and Commercial business units. This encompasses responsibilities across Solution Engineering, Cloud Sales, Industries and Innovation. Dan brings more than 25 years of technology sales, CRM domain expertise, business consulting and management experience to his role at Salesforce.

Kerry Agiasotis' WCOA Panel - Peter Evans-Greenwood
Peter Evans-Greenwood

Fellow, Deloitte’s Centre for the Edge

Peter is a Fellow at Deloitte's Centre for the Edge where he's trying to understand how technology is changing the world. Trained as an engineer, Peter has a unique background that has seen him working in distributed artificial intelligence at a research institute through start-ups to holding multiple senior and CTO roles in global companies.

Jennifer Warawa at WCOA

Jennifer Warawa

Executive Vice President - Partners, Accountants & Alliances

Shifting from relevant to indispensable

Monday 5th November, 1pm – 3pm

In today’s changing market landscape, the bookkeeping, accounting and consulting profession has focused on how to remain relevant when technology is taking over many of the functions they currently perform and redundancy is a real risk. However, is remaining relevant really enough? In this workshop you’ll learn why relevancy won’t sustain your practice and top tips for shifting from simply being relevant to becoming indispensable.

Jennifer has made the Accounting Today Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting list consecutively for the last seven years, was on CPA Practice Advisor’s Top 40 Under 40 list for six consecutive years, and has been named one of the Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Accounting for the last four years running, as recognized by CPA Practice Advisor.

Joining Jennifer on stage will be her panelists:

Jennifer Warawa's WCOA Panel - Bachir Zreika
Bachir Zreika

CEO, The Tax Factor

Bachir is the Principal & CEO of The Tax Factor, a firm specialising in working with private business owners on the lifecycle of growing their business, from early stage set-up to sustainable performance and beyond. Bachir has over 20 years of Industry experience and 12 years of public practice experience and is focused on building client loyalty and relationships that last, based on genuinely understanding of their personal and business goals.

Jennifer Warawa's WCOA Panel - Tony Dormer
Tony Dormer

Managing Director, Tricor Dormers

Tony is a Director of Tricor Dormers, a multi-discipline professional services firm. The firm provides in-bound and out-bound business advisory, management consulting, tax and compliance, bookkeeping, corporate secretarial services, outsourced payroll services and financial planning.

Jennifer Warawa's WCOA Panel - Dominic Myssy
Dominic Myssy

Principal, Myssy + Co.

Dominic Myssy is the founder and principal of Myssy + Co, a SME firm focused on the needs of SME clients. Dominic has been active in the accounting industry for nearly 20 years, and has seen firsthand how the radical changes in technology have impacted both this industry and the professional services sector in general.

Kriti Sharma WCOA

Kriti Sharma

Vice President - Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

AI for Finance – faster data, insight and agility

Wednesday 7th November, 11:15am – 12:30pm

Business generates a truly staggering amount of data. While mining Big Data for insights is established wisdom, how can we scale our insights in real time? Artificial Intelligence is the key to a finance leader’s need to solve problems with fast, accurate pictures of performance-based information in real-time.

Kriti oversees Artificial Intelligence at Sage, transforming mobile experiences for entrepreneurs and businesses globally. She is the creator of Pegg, the world's first accounting chatbot and a thought leader on creating ethical AI.

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Sage at WCOA

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Come join us in the Sage theatre for informative sessions including:

  • Accelerating New Customer Acquisition
  • Enabling Connected Business with Greater Client Collaboration
  • Fast & Simple Client On-boarding
  • The Power of a Single Client Platform
  • Business Advisory at Your Finger Tips

Plus, our experts will be demonstrating a range of our products and can help you find the best solution for your practice or business needs.

Sessions will be running throughout the week, so come visit the stand to see what's on.

The Sage Guide to World Congress of Accountants

Your guide to getting the most out of the world’s biggest accounting event.

Whether you’re local or visiting Sydney, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you maximise your participation at WCOA.

Plus, with WCOA offering a wealth of thought-leadership sessions, our guides can help you choose the best agenda with top picks from industry experts.

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