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Bruce Croxon

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About Bruce Croxon

Bruce Croxon is a digital pioneer and owner of several successful small businesses, including one that sold for 180-million dollars. He currently helms Round13, a company dedicated to incubating and investing in start-ups. He’s also an investor on CBC Dragons’ Den. He’s partnered with Sage to help provide advice and expertise on getting small businesses off the ground.

If small business owners could use only one thing to help figure out what decisions they should be making and paths they might want to take, many would likely suggest a crystal ball. This way, they’d always have the right answers and be certain they’d achieve success.

However, as we all know, that’s not possible. When you run your own business, almost nothing is a sure thing, surprises lurk around every corner. As such, it’s a good idea for entrepreneurs to keep apprised of the latest information in various fields – their own sector, the tech sphere, the economy and so on.

But not all resources are created equal. There are a few things that small business owners are going to want to keep up with if they want to stay ahead of their peers.

The Internet

This one seems like a given, and chances are good that company leaders experiencing success already have an Internet presence. On the other hand, the owner might like to only watch the news at night or read the paper in the morning to stay up on topics. Thanks to the Internet, though, we have the ability to get the latest news, almost as it happens. Newspaper websites, major homepages like MSN or Yahoo or even reputable Twitter accounts should be monitored if there’s something big going on.

One resource many small business owners find particularly helpful is It provides leaders with expert advice, breaking news on various industries, startup success stories and other worthwhile content. Moreover, there are somewhat niche groups that can be found and joined online, such as the Women in Biz Network, which also organizes offline events and meetups.

“We’re smack in the Digital Age now, there’s no debate about it, so there really is no excuse,” “Dragon’s Den” expert Bruce Croxon explained.

Magazine subscriptions

There is plenty of information about the latest gadgets that can benefit a small business, the trajectory of the national economy, how political measures are going to affect startups and countless other topics, as long as the leader knows where to look. One thing a company owner can do is to subscribe to a magazine or two to familiarize both themselves and employees with the current situations.

There are a number of good subscriptions to choose from in Canada. For many, Macleans is a must-have, while others might prefer the online publication The Canadian Business Journal. There are also issues that are worth reading that hail from south of the border, like Entrepreneur Magazine, Time and Forbes, as they have new ideas and suggestions Canadian leaders might not have thought of before.

One of the best things about magazine subscriptions is that many can be delivered digitally to e-readers as soon as they come out, allowing the startup owner to take advantage of information that’s literally hot off the presses.




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