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Which social media should you use for your small business?


These days, unless you run a charming mom-and-pop store in a small, remote town, chances are you’re not going to do well unless you have an Internet presence. It’s a great medium on which individuals can market their wares, communicate with fans, share information with new buyers and many other options.

Going even further, so many entrepreneurs find that they need to have social media accounts in order to see the biggest returns possible. These types of websites are some of the best resources owners can use when they want to share their brand’s message with a slew of new followers.

However, there are so many different social networking websites, and many experts agree that trying to have a presence on each one can spread a company too thin. So, which websites should be considered by Canadian entrepreneurs when they decide to take their brand online?


Facebook is the most popular social media website across the globe, meaning that this is where the most opportunities lie for entrepreneurs to attract new patrons. Moreover, a survey from TD Canada Trust recently revealed that consumers are increasingly buying into this, as 42 per cent of Canadians are “fans” of business Facebook pages, and 31 per cent have posted positive comments on these accounts. (Source: Newsire, Sept. 30, 2013.)


This might be a great resource for small businesses, because according to an infographic released by crowdSPRING, only 7 per cent of small business owners use Twitter to reach out to customers. (Source: MaRS.) This means that those that do participate on the site not only face less competition, but they also have the opportunity to set themselves apart from the pack early on. Moreover, this can be a very lucrative choice, as the source revealed that 64 per cent of Twitter users are likely to buy from the companies they follow on the website, beating out Facebook by 13 per cent.


Although LinkedIn is commonly thought of as a platform that’s more geared toward corporate professionals making networking connections, the site can also be a good way for brands to get their messages heard. While many experts and consumers alike see Facebook and Twitter as the most popular social sites out there, a report from Media Technology Monitor revealed that LinkedIn is quickly growing in Canada, The Canadian Press detailed. In fact, 63 per cent of Canadians read both Facebook and LinkedIn posts each day.

One thing that Canadian entrepreneurs should remember is that despite popularity and sheer numbers, they should always go where their target audience is.

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