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Accountancy Together, Sage Accountants Network and American Financial Management help build successful businesses

“We grow our business by helping our clients grow their businesses,” says Bo Young, who together with his son, Paul Young, runs American Financial Management, Inc., an Alabama accountancy firm that serves clients throughout the state and across the country. It’s a philosophy that has carried the firm far; Bo started the business 49 years ago, and it has grown steadily since.

Even better at what we do

The firm began using and recommending Sage solutions more than 15 years ago but more recently began looking for ways to leverage its relationship with Sage to grow the business further. “We attended Sage Summit, and what we learned there transformed our business,” says Paul. “We have always focused on providing service and value for our customers, but through the Sage Accountants Network and the connections we made at Sage Summit, we gained tools that make us even better at what we do.”

Connecting resources

The Sage Accountants Network facilitates open communication among members and between members and the vast resource pool that Sage offers. “There are new products, programs, and functionality available to us and to our clients that we hadn’t been aware of,” says Bo.

For example, the firm had rarely provided product training for clients in the past and has now seized that opportunity with great success. The firm is also selling more product licenses to Sage 50 Accounting—U.S. Edition, something it infrequently pursued before. In addition, Bo and Paul are embracing the partnerships available to network members, such as when a client needs functionality unavailable in a member’s core product.

“We had a prospect come to us looking for Human Resource Management Software for their HR consultancy business, and through the Sage Accountants Network, we are able to offer them a solution. That’s business we might have turned away before,” says Paul. “Instead, we’re forming a relationship that will benefit both firms and our mutual clients.”

Sage does business the way we do business

Both Bo and Paul agree that the Sage Accountants Network works so well for them because it fits perfectly into the way their firm operates. “Sage does business the way we do business,” says Bo. “They focus on relationships, on building trust, on demonstrating knowledge and value, and on being responsive to the changing needs of clients. That’s always been our formula for success.”

“Learning keeps us moving forward, keeps us relevant and valuable to our clients, and ensures we’re giving them our very best,” concludes Paul. “There is a wealth of knowledge and resources available to us through Sage, and we are taking advantage of those resources both to grow our own business and to help our clients grow their businesses.”