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Sage adds Business Intelligence and mobility to Sage XRT, providing rapid insight to more European enterprises

Sage has today announced the launch of Sage XRT Treasury version 4, the high-performance treasury and cash management solution. Key updates include integration with Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI), a business intelligence platform for enterprises, increased mobile functionality and the ability to display data on a huge variety of devices.

Sage XRT Treasury version 4 gives businesses a snapshot of their cash position at any given time in an instant, single view, and allows employees to authorise payments, track progress and avoid fraud. All of these services are now also available from users’ smartphones and tablets.

“The Sage solution has allowed us to greatly improve all our treasury processes” Said Carlos José Quesada, Head of Treasury and Finance at Spanish real estate company TM Grupo Inmobiliario’s Economics and Finance Department. “As a result, we are enjoying significant economic savings thanks to our ability to control and manage our bank positions. The main advantage is having an end-to-end treasury management tool capable of consolidating in one system all the information the department usually manages in different and separate modules.” Jayne Archbold, CEO, Sage Enterprise, commented: “Having the technology in place to ensure your employees can do their job quickly, efficiently and while on the move is vital to a business having strong treasury and cash management. Sage XRT Treasury allows customers to see and work with their financial information anywhere, and at any time, in a secure manner. Using Sage XRT Treasury version 4, you can share and collaborate, validate and control sensitive transactions and data.”

Mobility is no longer a nice to have - it’s essential to staying ahead in today’s competitive landscape. The integration of SEI shows the importance of combining business insight with technology in a mobile world. With Sage XRT Treasury version 4, instant business intelligence is accessible wherever you are.”

Sage XRT Treasury is a modular cash and Treasury solution with a rich functionality, offering strong interoperability with all Enterprise Resource Planning platforms currently available.

Users can customise their interface based on their role, reflecting their individual priorities and requirements. The dashboard can be individualised to each end-user, and is available via web, mobile and Microsoft® Excel.

The Sage Enterprise Intelligence dashboard gives true visibility across any organisation – allowing users to gain insight not only on cash flow but also resourcing. Intuitive and easy to use, it provides information in a real time and self-sufficient manner meaning running diagnostics, analysis and reports is now easier than ever.

The mobility aspects of Sage XRT Treasury version 4 also deliver the right information to the right employee. For example, senior business employees can get the top-level information they needs on the go via their connected device, whilst the finance team have instant access to the most detailed analysis through their Excel spreadsheets.

Mobile signatures improve the security and help combat fraud by allowing users on the move to control, validate and sign all financial flows, in particular sensitive payments anywhere, and at any time.

Sage XRT Treasury version 4 will be available in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal at the end of June, before rolling out to further markets. For more information, please visit:

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