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The opportunities are out there. Are you?

Working with Small & Medium businesses from start-up through every stage of their life gives us a really unique perspective on their growing pains, opportunities and milestones. One of the biggest steps any company can take is starting to sell overseas. Often, this means negotiating cultural differences, exchange rate challenges and the simple logistics of trading across borders. We know it isn’t easy. And when we surveyed our customers, the stats jumped out at us. A significant 75 % of our UK customers said they weren’t trading overseas and had no plans to. From a big picture perspective that constitutes a massive missed opportunity for the UK economy. On a more personal level, it could mean thousands of British Entrepreneurs simply failing to write the next chapter of their growth story.

When we dug a little deeper, we began to identify some of the factors that might encourage these businesses to export. Our customers told us that government support, clearer information and EU advice on trading across borders would all make exporting more attractive. And with that in mind, we were thrilled to support the Government’s new global Exporting is Great campaign, launched by Minister for Trade and Investment Lord Francis Maude. The campaign debuted with a brilliant Ridley Scott TV advertisement featuring some of our best loved exports – Kelly Hoppen, Brian Cox, Ken Hom, Ron Dennis but in reality it is so much more. It aims to link up businesses with potential overseas customers and show them the demand for their products in new markets.

We are privileged to serve a huge number of UK businesses – over 50% of UK businesses pay their employees through Sage. If just a fraction of those organisations could start to successfully export it would have a huge impact on the overall exporting picture and prosperity.

So we welcome this bold initiative from the Government and look forward to tracking our customers as and when the campaign progresses. As the campaign says, the opportunities are out there. Are you?