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Becoming your Trusted Champion

Small & Medium Businesses are the engine rooms of economies around the world. In the US, 66% of the 12 million new jobs created since 2010 were created by Small & Medium Businesses. They live a human story that begins and ends with great personal sacrifice. One in five Small & Medium Businesses work above 70 hours per week and 80% say they regularly work weekends.

When I arrived at Sage back in November 2014, I realised that we would need to evolve if we were to become what we strived to be – the trusted technology partner and Champion of Small & Medium Businesses.

At Sage we have an unmatched combination of talent, experience, global reach and resources alongside a broad yet detailed knowledge of Small & Medium Businesses and the challenges they face. An enormous wealth of knowledge that brings a huge sense of responsibility to our customers and partners.

It is critical for our customers that we do everything we can to Champion their cause. That means being the best technology company for Small & Medium Businesses. Our technology is the lifeblood of what we do, and how we support our customers. The launch of Sage Live today at Sage Summit is just the beginning. We are not just playing ‘catch-up’ in technology terms. This is leap-frog and we are doing it with pace and our customers at the centre of every decision we make.

But in 2015, 85% of all Small & Medium accounting systems worldwide run their technology on premise. It doesn’t take a genius to predict that with the growing demand for increased mobility and more business owners running their operations from smartphones, more solutions will be in the cloud by 2020. We will have a roadmap that gives each of our customers control over their own potential migration to the cloud. Putting our customers in control. Every step of the way.

The entire concept of Sage having Customers for Life is built on having this open relationship with our customers. To make sure we can give each of our customers the choice of technology that is right for their business. Whether that is real-time accounting with Sage Live, the fully customisable online hub of Sage Impact for our accountants, the enterprise agility of Sage X3 or accounting for small businesses with Sage One, we will continue to work directly with customers to respond to their needs.

We believe that our customers are the only ones who can decide if and when it makes sense to migrate. Sage will never force anyone to do it.

We also believe that by evolving our partner relationship with independent vendors will make it easier and faster for them to help Small & Medium Businesses succeed.  We have created global, strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Salesforce and Deloitte amongst others to give customers and partners more value through our offerings.

One of our biggest strengths at Sage is our 14,000 colleagues. I believe we have the most dedicated, passionate, talented colleagues in the world. It is crucial we take the time to energize the communities in which our colleagues live and work. That is why we have created the Sage Foundation – a ground-breaking 2+2+2 approach to corporate philanthropy that sets the standard for corporate compassionate capitalism. It is both our obligation and responsibility to give back.