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The end of ERP. The beginning of a new dawn for entrepreneurs.

It’s show time at Dreamforce and what an incredible week it promises to be. Over 150,000 people will attend the largest technology event in the world with more than 10 million people joining online over the next few days.

This morning marked the start of the keynotes and I was ringside as Keith Block, Vice Chairman and President of shared the opportunity for partners as Salesforce expands into a $135 billion services ecosystem in the next five years.

 In 2002, salesforce’s founder Marc benioff declared the ‘death of software’ and today Sage is taking a similar stance and putting an end to enterprise resource planning, or ERP. It’s time to acknowledge that the ERP category has failed business. Last year alone 75% of ERP projects overran on time and 55% overran on budget. For most CFOs, ERP has come to mean Expense, Regret and Pain and a graveyard of failed ERP projects. Businesses want Sage to lead the way and offer them something different.

As the champion of entrepreneurs, Sage has listened to those businesses and given them hope for the future with Sage Live, which puts them back in control. We believe the future is business in the moment. Sage Live, makes that future a reality today.

Sage Live is stealing the show at Dreamforce, making real-time accounting a reality by smashing down the walls between the front and back office.

 We designed and developed Sage Live with customers in the room so we understand the obstacles and opportunities they face. Just this morning a customer told me, “When I saw Sage Live the hairs on my arms stood up. I got goosebumps.” Wow.

We also understood that businesses couldn’t afford to wait for the accountancy revolution. That’s why we partnered with and delivered Sage Live, from idea to app, in 26 weeks. We couldn’t have done it at that speed without the Salesforce platform. It allowed us to focus on building a mobile-first app and making magic for our customers.

 This is just the start. We want hundreds of ISV apps integrated with Sage Live, so people can run their business their way. We want ISVs to come to our booth, witness the power of Sage Live, and think about how they can add to it.  They should know that Sage is open for business and that the opportunity Sage Live offers to partners is huge. If that wasn’t enough, I also hosted my first #KellyCam Periscope livestreams. Stay tuned for further updates on the ground at Dreamforce and tweet me any questions you want answered. And if you’re at the event and see me around, tweet a picture along with #KellyCam for the chance to win an Apple Watch.