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  • Sage 50 2016 Canadian Edition Product Comparison and Feature Availability Sage 50 account
    Pro1 User
    Sage 50 products - Premium2-user/4- user
    Premium2-user/4- user
    Sage 50 products - Quantum 5-40 user
    Quantum 5-40 user

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Included with Subscription of Sage 50c Accounting
  • Unlimited technical support tick tick tick
  • Mobile integration for invoicing, expense management and bank feeds tick tick tick
  • Collaboration with Sage Drive tick tick tick
  • Payments Integration tick tick tick
Manage Customers and Sales - Know your customers and how much you are getting paid
  • Create customer records tick tick tick
  • Prepare sales invoices tick tick tick
  • Track payments and create receipts tick tick tick
  • Create sales quotes and orders tick tick tick
  • Work with multiple price lists 100 1000
  • Charge for services using employee Time Slips tick tick
Manage Vendors and Purchases - Know your vendors and how much you are spending
  • Create vendor records tick tick tick
  • Print cheques tick tick tick
  • Create purchase quotes and orders tick tick tick
  • Record and track purchase invoices tick tick tick
  • Simplify reordering items from vendors tick
Employees and Payroll - Efficiently and cost-effectively pay employees in-house and comply with government regulations
  • Prepare payroll cheques with automatic tax calculations Available Available Included
  • Process cheques as a batch Available Available Included
  • Prepare ROE slips for print or online filing Available Available Included
  • Prepare T4/RL-1 slips for print or online filing Available Available Included
Government/Accounting - Rest assured you are compliant with regulations and standards
  • Track GST/HST and PST/QST tick tick tick
  • File GST/HST Online tick tick tick
  • Keep accurate records with the full-time audit trail tick tick tick
  • Store multiple years of financial history Up to 7 Up to 100 Up to 100
  • Process payroll remittances tick tick tick
  • Reconcile bank statements to accounting data tick tick tick
  • Use departmental accounting tick tick
  • Use First-in First out (FIFO) inventory costing method tick tick
  • Expand the range and length of account numbers tick tick
  • Create payroll expense groups tick tick
Flexibility - Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Add users to access data simultaneously 4 1 User 2-4 Users 5-40 Users
  • View summary of common tasks with the Daily Business Manager tick tick tick
  • Switch between English and French tick tick tick
  • Integrate with Microsoft Word and Excel 6 tick tick tick
  • Convert data from QuickBooks, MYOB and Quicken6 tick tick tick
  • Work with multiple currencies Two Unlimited Unlimited
  • Synchronize with Microsoft� Outlook 5 tick tick
  • Create and assign role-based security settings tick
Security - Protect and control access to your data
  • Assign user access to financial reports tick
Reporting - Analyze business performance, monitor cash flow and make informed decisions
  • Access and customize built-in reports 93 153 165
  • Review BOMs, assemblies and adjustments tick
  • Open reports in Excel for formatting and calculations tick tick tick
  • Budget company revenues and expense tick tick tick
  • View the Dashboard for real-time information tick tick tick
  • Consolidate financials for multiple companies tick tick
Inventory - Optimize inventory levels and productivity to control costs
  • Manage inventory Basic Advanced Advanced Plus
  • Create finished goods from Bill of Materials tick tick
  • Generate packing slips tick tick
  • Manage inventory in multiple locations tick tick
  • Track items by serial number tick
Projects - Stay on budget and increase profitability
  • Track and report on projects tick tick tick
  • Budget projects by fiscal year 1 year 1 year upto 5 year
  • Create detailed project budget By Period By Account, by period By Account, by period
  • Assign projects to orders and invoices tick
  • Track salaried employee and contractor hours tick
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