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Sage X3 Key Features

Sage X3's main features

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The Sage X3 software solution can handle all financial needs of your business with ease. The software includes cash management and accounting functions, as well as budgets, analytics, and reporting.

Sage X3 Software

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The Sage X3 software helps leverage your resources and manage every element of the production process, thereby optimizing future growth of the business.

Sage X3 Features

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Sage X3 includes a number of tools like those for inventory replenishment, sampling, quality control, and location management.

Sage X3 Software - Inventory

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Sage X3 allows you to avail the benefits of the best pricing and discounts and also lets you reallocate your expenditures based on your need, by clarifying all the purchase points.

Sage X3 Software - Purchasing

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The Sage X3 software can assist you in better understanding customer relationships. The software also helps by simplifying daily tasks that can include order entry, quotes, product configuration and credit checking.

Sage X3 Software - Sales

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Business intelligence and reporting

With Sage X3, you can turn action into insight with the built-in business intelligence tool and the library of predefined reports for centralized data.

Sage X3 Software - Business intelligence

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Customer Service

The software provides users with unique customer service capabilities that in turn help improve efficiency and help running customer-centric strategies.

Sage X3 Software – Customer Service

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Mobile web apps

Sage X3 allows accessibility to all the data from any Smart device.

Sage X3 Software - Mobile Web Apps

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