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Sage EasyPay 10.7.03 Product Updates Readme file
Sage EasyPay Enterprise and Standard version 10.7.03 PU5 Readme
Sage EasyPay Enterprise and Standard version 10.7.03 PU4 Readme

Sage EasyPay V10.7.03 PU5 release highlights as below:


  • BPJS Pensiun minimum and maximum wage contributions in Sage EasyPay are revised with effective from March 2018 to comply with recent government’s announcement on raising minimum wage.

Sage EasyPay V10.7.03 PU4 release highlights as below:


  • New form for Employment Insurance Scheme submission is updated. [Pay > Reports > Government Form > EIS Submission].

Sage EasyPay V10.7.03 PU3 release highlights as below:


  • Revised EPF Table for year 2018 (EP18ST, EP18PR, EP18EX) with EPF Mandatory & Voluntary Scheme and the following conditions:
    • EPF Default Scheme is set as "EPFManVol". [Pay > Setup> Pay Details Default Setup > EPF Scheme]
    • EPF Table for Year 2016 (EP16ST, EP16PR, EP16EX) is assigned to EPE Mandatory & Voluntary Scheme and using formula Template 2 or 3.
  • Update Income Tax Policy Progression Rebate items for year 2018. [Pay > Setup > Income Tax Setup > Tax Policy Setup > Tax Policy ID="DefaultPolicy" > Rebate Tab]
  • EA form to remove the option to Print pre-printed form.
  • Enhance Payslip for CS2 format - add new option to allow user to show User Defined Parameter for Pay Element by Formula in the Payslip.


  • Revised BPJS Kesehatan minimum wage Contribution with effective from 1st Jan 2018. With this, new Statutory Policy, "BPJS-Kes2018Jan", will be added to [Payroll > Setup > Statutory Setup > Statutory Policy Setup]

Sage EasyPay V10.7.03 PU2 release highlights as below:


  • Enhance checking of Position (Director) during Income Tax IRAS processing.


  • Update default value for E Form Minimum Gross Wage to 0.
  • New Employment Insurance Scheme (EIS) contributions for both Employer and Employee with effect from 1st Jan 2018.


  • Update Income Tax Policy Progression exemptions for year 2018.

Sage EasyPay 10.7.03 New Release Updates

This latest version contains a number of new enhancements to improve overall functionality and user experience:

  • Efficiency through automating the entering new employees and increment via ePortal.
  • Integration of Claim to post directly to Finance.
  • Stay compliant with important statutory updates.
  • Newer validations are added to reduce error and avoid duplication.
  • Enhance Payslip interface to display longer company name and IRAS direct file submission is now available for Singapore.
  • Import enhancement done for "Income Tax Details" by adding new Viewer, new Process and new Table ID are added to the interface for Malaysia.
  • Increased salary range for Philippines.
  • Standard 2018 regular Public Holiday updates for all countries, bank disc updates, hot fixes and many more.

Find out more from the Release Notes below. Please read the notes before software upgrading.

Sage EasyPay v10.7.03 Release Notes

Auto Update Installer

Instruction Guide: Auto Update (Sage EasyPay Enterprise)
Instruction Guide: Auto Update (Sage EasyPay Standard)

New Installation

For new and fresh installation only

(Note: Sage EasyPay standard version 10.7.03 installer is included in Sage EasyPay enterprise version 10.7.03 – select Standard edition)

New Install Sage EasyPay Enterprise 10.7.03

Instruction Guide: New install Sage EasyPay Enterprise

e-Mobile Leave 10.6.8

e-Mobile Leave Application
e-Mobile Leave Installation Guide
e-Mobile Leave User Guide
Installation Guide for ePortal if e-Mobile Leave exists

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