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Sage CRM Overview

CRM stands for customer relationship management. Sage CRM software helps businesses improve customer relationships by organising and automating communications and activities across all customer-facing departments including sales, marketing and customer service.

  • Easy to use with simple navigation
  • Access anywhere, anytime with rich CRM functionality across multiple mobile platforms
  • Highly customisable and scalable solution that grows as your needs develop
  • Available on-premise or in the cloud
  • Integrates with key Sage business management solutions for a complete view of your customers
  • Rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership

Optimises your Business

Sage CRM ensures that your sales, marketing and customer service resources are being used to maximum effect.

Reduces Spending

Our CRM software reduces your cost-of-sale and the cost of your marketing leads.

Improves Customer Service

This CRM tool ensures that you meet customer service level agreements.

Helps Identify Problems

Sage CRM software enables you to pinpoint underlying issues early on and take corrective action immediately.

Provides Leverage

Our CRM system enables you to leverage further revenue opportunities within your current customer base.

Empowers Staff

With Sage CRM, your staff are given everything they need to provide exceptional service to your customers.
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