Know Your Future with Your Own Business Crystal Ball

Unlike static reports of the past that only provided you a "rear-view mirror" look at the business, analytics today are empowering strategic decision making with a "crystal ball" approach to CRM. The ability to freely explore customer data to any level of detail in a single analytics platform provides fast, actionable insight and visibility into the unknown.

Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics1,2,3 is a powerful, affordable analytics solution you can easily add to a Sage SalesLogix Cloud subscription or deploy with Sage SalesLogix on-premises.


Full-featured analytics starting at only $2,395.4

For Sage SalesLogix Cloud

Get an entry bundle subscription (3 user licenses and
1 administrator license) to Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics for only $75 a month!5

Call 866-898-2378 or contact your Sage Business Partner6

1Requires an additional fee and Sage SalesLogix v7.5.4 or higher.

2Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics users must be licensed Sage SalesLogix users and data must be used for CRM related analysis, in support of the Sales, Marketing, or Customer Support/Service roles and must be tied to Sage SalesLogix data.

3Sage SalesLogix web client is required for the installation and configuration of Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics.

4The minimum user requirement for purchase has been reduced to 3 Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics Standard Users and 1 Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics Professional User. Due to the decrease in user requirement, the price has been reduced to $2,395. Maintenance and support will be applied against the reduced price and number of users.

5The required entry bundle of ten Standard Users and one Professional Users for $350/mo. is suspended during the life of this promotion. The minimum subscription will be reduced to three Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics Standard Users. The PUPM price for Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics Standard Users three-ten will be $25/ea. PUPM prices for ten plus users remain as listed on the Price List. All subscriptions include one license of Professional Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics data processing will be limited to once-nightly batches. Additional server capacity can be purchased if required to process more frequent batches.

6Sage Business Partners are third-party vendors. Sage and its affiliates are in no way liable or responsible for claims made related to the services provided by third-party.

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