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Sage ERP Solutions
More than ERP - accounting, asset management, distribution, inventory, manufacturing, marketing, people and payroll, sales, service

Business Management through Sage ERP Software & Systems

Manage sales, service & marketing as well as accounting, asset management, inventory, people, & payroll, through Sage enterprise resource planning.

Make smarter decisions faster. Gain productivity to reduce operating costs and increase revenue. Serve more customers and increase their satisfaction.

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Why choose Sage ERP solutions?

Sage has more than 30 years of experience helping small and medium companies manage business. In fact, we help more than 3 million customers worldwide to be more effective by making smarter decisions. Whether your business is growing locally or expanding globally, we have a solution for every stage that's more flexible and scalable than other traditional ERP solutions.

What's the difference between traditional ERP and Sage ERP business management solutions?

Traditional ERP

Enterprise resource planning is comprehensive, end-to-end, integrated software that claims to "do it all." Unfortunately, traditional ERP systems are complex, inflexible, not scalable, expensive, and not easy to use.

Sage ERP & Business Management Solution

Sage ERP business management solutions do it all, but are flexible, customizable, scalable, affordable, and easy to implement. They can even be mobile, enabling you to work anytime, anywhere; giving you complete control of your business.

ERP Solutions

Our technology gives you the most powerful set of business tools in the world. Sage offers one of the largest selections of scalable, integrated business management & ERP software systems available. Our extensive network of 40,000 accountants and 26,000 business partners provide you with industry expertise and on-site support to help you select, plan and implement the ideal mix of ERP solutions to run your business your way.

Sage 100

Sage 100 is perfect for small and medium businesses growing beyond their accounting software. This solution is ideal for light manufacturers.

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Sage 300

Sage 300 is perfect for small and medium businesses that manage multiple locations, currencies, and languages. Access online or on your mobile device.

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Sage X3

Sage X3 introduces a better way to manage your entire enterprise—from procurement to manufacturing, distribution, and financials.

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Compare Sage solutions

Sage 100, Sage 300, and Sage X3 all can

  • Manage inventory and your warehouse for increased accuracy
  • Manage purchasing and vendors
  • Automate sales and marketing
  • Handle advanced accounting
  • Improve visibility and make better decisions
  • Deploy on-premises and hosted

Choose a solution

Sage 100
Sage 300
Sage X3

Multiple languages, multiple currencies



Project job costing



Production management for manufacturers




U.S. payroll




Canadian payroll



Mobile access



SaaS or web-based


ERP solutions for every industry

Though we only have a few named, we help every industry from retail to wholesale.


We helped Carson Home Accents transform from a manufacturing business to a successful distribution company.

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With ever-increasing regulations and the challenge of selling to all of North America, Sunblest needed Sage.

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See how the importance of the billable hour is changing and why it matters to your practice.

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Welcome to the cloud

Welcome to the cloud

Gain the freedom to access your business info anywhere, anytime, while using your favorite device. We support you, no matter where you are on your cloud journey. Sage provides the following:

  • Hybrid cloud keeps your software on-site while leveraging mobile access to business data and cloud-enabled business functions.
  • Private cloud has the benefits of SaaS and hosted solutions, but just for your company.
  • SaaS (software as a service) or hosted solutions ensures your company’s data security and reduces the hassle of upgrades.

The warning signs you need a more powerful ERP solution

If you're feeling these pain points, maybe it’s time you consider a bigger solution.

  • Takes too long to do something and there are too many errors
  • Poor visibility into data needed to make decisions
  • Lack of sharing information or collaborating
  • Not enough time or resources to really run the business
  • Can’t handle what seems like simple business expansion

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We love a good success story

We love a good success story

"We have doubled our revenues since implementing Sage X3 and it continues to offer a good combination of power, scalability, and usability."

Phil Phizer, IS director from Blount Fine Foods
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We know an ERP solution is an investment. That's why we have webinars, reports, and info to help you make the best decision for your business.

Signs your business is ready to grow (and what you can do about it)

Understand the pain points of when your business is growing and get ideas, even besides software.

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Best-in-class strategies

Selecting the right business management or ERP solution can feel like a daunting challenge. This Aberdeen Research Group report helps you tackle it with confidence.

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The value of upgrading

The Aberdeen Research Group examines the importance of upgrading. Get the latest on how to improve visibility, promote efficiency and collaboration, and address top industry challenges.

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How to pick a cloud product and move successfully

Read some ideas on how to move to the cloud successfully.

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Support and service plans


We're known for our superb service with fast answers, 24/7.

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Service plans

Extend the life of your product with Sage Business Care.

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Join peers, experts, and partners on our online forum: Sage City.

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Sage U has the information you need, how you want it, when you want it.

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