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Rethinking Manual Accounting

Go beyond manual accounting to make your life easier, save time, and even save money.

Ready to switch from spreadsheet accounting to something more automated? We don’t blame you.

You’ve probably noticed that it can get really disorganized really quickly – especially if you have multiple people making “entries.” With Sage 50, it’s easy to become more organized and efficient, and really take control of your business finances. In fact, when moving from a manual accounting process, new Sage 50 customers saved seven hours per week (that’s more than 360 hours per year!), giving them more time to focus on their business goals.

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Still thinking? Here are some common questions from manual accounting users

Isn’t switching to accounting software more trouble than it’s worth?

It will take some time, and there is a learning curve – no doubt. But imagine instead of running yourself ragged, you can rely on accounting software to help you create order from chaos, save time, avoid costly errors, make good short-term decisions, and follow sound long-term strategies.

I’m worried that I don’t know that much about “real” accounting. Won’t it be hard?

You don’t need special expertise to use Sage 50c. We designed it for everyone – even if you don’t have any accounting or bookkeeping background. It’s easy to use and there are plenty of resources to help you along the way, including in-product chat with our support specialists, the Sage 50c user community, and plenty of videos, cheat sheets, and guides.

I don’t need a lot of fancy features. I just want to track and pay my bills, invoice customers, and make sure I have enough money coming in. Do I still need Sage 50c?

Understanding your financial data is a lot easier when every sale, cash collection, and bill payment you transact is entered once and then available across all of your financial statements. These day-by-day snapshots of your business help you evaluate and improve product and service pricing, profitability and cash flow. It’s difficult, almost impossible, to set up this type of system using spreadsheets or other manual accounting methods.

Sage 50c lets you keep track of everything all in one place. It’s accurate, secure, and easy.

Why Sage 50c Accounting?

It’s easy-to-use desktop accounting for your small business.

With Sage 50c, you can organize your finances, pay bills and get paid, and control cash flow and costs. And, when you need to, you, your staff, or your accountant can work remotely.

In short, Sage 50c helps you get more done every day. For that extra boost in confidence, Sage 50c comes fully supported and includes valuable tools and services that help you save time and money.

Isn’t it time to feel confident about your money and move your business forward?

Sage 50 Accounting formerly Peachtree Accounting

“All of that work you used to do on paper or in Excel—or in another accounting product—can be done quickly and accurately using Sage 50 Quantum Accounting.”

-PC Magazine