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Solution TypesAnalysis Budgeting, Real Estate Solutions
Product LinesSage 300 Construction and Real Estate
ASG Publishing
Budget Administration System
Budget Administration System,(BAS) is an operational tool for the property manager designed for creating 12-month budgets from the bottom up. At the main screen, annualized summary revenue and expense data are presented in an operating statement format; a mouse-click takes the user to detail screens providing the building blocks for budgeting. Revenues are budgeted from the lease level for commercial and unit class for residential. Expenses are entered from an added level of detail called account category. Portfolio and consolidation reporting facilitates the management review and approval process. BAS interfaces with ARGUS Valuation—DCF.

Lease Administration System
Lease Administration System (LAS) allows property managers, leasing brokers and staff to enter and track new and renewal leasing activity. LAS was developed to simplify the lease prospecting and approval process and is seamlessly integrated with Sage Timberline Office Property Management, allowing for approved leases to be imported.


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