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electronic check processing and ach processing and epayments

E-payments like electronic check and ACH processing get you paid faster, are more convenient, and offer improved security.

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What is ACH processing

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. This clearing house electronically processes batches of financial transactions, debit and credit. These transactions can even be recurring.

Sage Electronic Check and ACH Payment Processing

According to the Federal Reserve, checks still make up a good portion of non-cash payments as does ACH. ACH processing, especially online ACH processing, is even gaining in popularity because it's easier to get paid. With Sage, you can accept these payments while protecting your business from check fraud.
We make accepting checks in-person, online, or by mail easier so you can save time, money, and skip those trips to the bank to make deposits.

Process one-time or recurring charges with Sage Virtual Check.

With Sage Virtual Check, debits can be a one-time charge or set up authorized ACH debit as recurring payments. Check information is entered electronically using our virtual terminal, eliminating a trip to the bank to deposit customer checks:

  • Funds deposited promptly
  • Convenient 24-hour access to online reporting
  • Automated recurring billing at no extra charge
  • Easy to implement; no installation or upgrade required
  • Lower processing costs than credit cards
sage virtual check
sage point of sale check conversion

Accept checks as easily as a credit cards with Sage Point-of-Sale Check Conversion.

Using a check reader or imager connected to a credit card terminal, merchants can process and deposit business and consumer checks at the point of sale.

  • Increase sales with this additional payment option
  • Eliminate bad checks for security and peace of mind
  • Faster availability of funds
  • Eliminate NSF, check handling labor and other banking fees

Deposit checks electronically with Sage Check 21.

Sage Check 21, or Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), is the process of recording an image of a check that can be transmitted electronically in place of a paper document. Using our web-based interface and an imager connected to your computer, accept all types of paper checks with safer, faster processing and skip going to the bank.

  • Accept all types of checks drawn on U.S. banks - personal, business, government, travelers, cashiers, and certified checks, as well as equity lines of credit and money orders.
  • Fast electronic deposits of funds in 2-3 business days, made directly to your bank account
  • Avoid ACH restrictions
  • Eliminate bad checks
Sage check 21

Contact us for your check and ACH processing needs.

No matter whether you know exactly which you need, have questions about ACH, or aren't quiet sure which one is right for your business, we can help. Contact us and get more information.

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Gain peace of mind

Gain peace of mind with our check guarantee.

The check guarantee option reduces risk associated with accepting bad checks. Funding is guaranteed for approved checks, and the money is deposited electronically into the merchant's bank account.

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