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ACA compliance

Everything you need to get your business on board with the Affordable Care Act.

2015 ACA information return filing deadlines significantly extended

Hoping the government extended some of the filing needed? Good news. On December 28, 2015, the IRS announced extensions.

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The basics: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

ACA acronym list

Refer to this list to understand the most commonly used Affordable Care Act acronyms.
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What is the Affordable Care Act?

Duration 2:24

Understand exactly what the ACA means for your business.

Download informative presentations, sharable resources, and helpful guides to getting ACA compliant.

Sage ACA presentation

Get all the details on requirements, possible penalties, and delays that can affect your business.
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Guide to IRS forms

Find out which of the new IRS forms the ACA requires employers to file and when.
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Form 1095-C reference guide

Know how to fill out the form for each employee if you have over 50 full-time staffers.
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Healthcare reform survival guide

Understand all the changes, compliance issues, to-dos, and important dates your company should be aware of to get to ACA compliance.
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Should you pay or play?

Determine what Affordable Care Act options work for your business.
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ACA requirements for large employers

Learn about the IRS forms and reporting requirements for applicable large employers.
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Missed our live event on the ACA and your reporting requirements? Watch the recording now.

Contact us to find out how Sage Can Help with the ACA.

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Duration: 50m 7s

Full-time employee calculator for ACA compliance

Count the number of FTEs your company has and find out if you qualify for the SHOP Marketplace.

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Sage solutions for Affordable Care Act compliance

Manage the reporting information required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and generate the government-regulated reports as required using real-time data from your Sage solution.
  • Import employee and benefits data from your HR or payroll product.
  • Determine how many full-time employees you have and if you qualify as a large employer.
  • Understand the impact of your decision to pay or play.
  • Review summary healthcare coverage for all of your employees.
  • Generate ready-to-file Forms 1094-C and 1095-C.

Your Sage integrated ACA compliance solutions

Sage HRMS or Sage Abra Suite

Utilize My Workforce Analyzer with your HR or payroll product to manage reporting requirements and make informed decisions.
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Sage Payroll Services

ACA Comply uses your payroll data to help you manage reporting requirements and avoid penalties.
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Sage Payroll Full Service

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