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February 2014 Sage 50 Payroll Solutions Update

This bulletin describes the changes included in the February 2014 Sage 50 Payroll Solutions Updates for Sage Peachtree Accounting 2012, and Sage 50 Accounting, releases 2013 and 2014. For information about the previous 2014 updates please refer to the January 2014 bulletin.

Table of Contents

Year End Center

The Year-End Center at includes updated how-to's, helpful videos, advanced topics, troubleshooting tips, and additional resource links, all arranged by topic. Make sure you visit the center whether you are processing W-2's, changing benefits for the New Year, applying a tax update or many other year-end processes.

State and Local Tax Changes

  1. North Carolina State Income Tax
    The 2014 formula changed.

2014 State Unemployment Wage Limits

The following state unemployment wage limits apply for 2014. For details on how to apply the limits for your state, please review the following articles in the Year-End Center:
How to automatically update your user-maintained payroll taxes and benefits for the new year using the Update Wizard or How do I manually update state unemployment wage limits and percentage rates?

State Employee Annual
Wage Limit
  State Employee Annual
Wage Limit
Alabama $8,000   Nebraska $9,000
Alaska $37,400   Nevada $27,400
Arizona $7,000   New Hampshire $14,000
Arkansas $12,000   New Jersey $31,500
California $7,000   New Mexico $23,400
Colorado $11,700   New York $10,300
Connecticut $15,000   North Carolina $21,400
Delaware $18,500   North Dakota $33,600
District of Columbia $9,000   Ohio $9,000
Florida $8,000   Oklahoma $18,700
Georgia $9,500   Oregon $35,000
Hawaii $40,400   Pennsylvania $8,750
Idaho $35,200   Puerto Rico $7,000
Illinois $12,960   Rhode Island $20,600*
Indiana $9,500   South Carolina $12,000
Iowa $26,800   South Dakota $14,000
Kansas $8,000   Tennessee $9,000
Kentucky $9,600   Texas $9,000
Louisiana $7,700   Utah $30,800
Maine $12,000   Vermont $16,000
Maryland $8,500   Virgin Islands $22,500
Massachusetts $14,000   Virginia $8,000
Michigan $9,500   Washington $41,300
Minnesota $29,000   West Virginia $12,000
Mississippi $14,000   Wisconsin $14,000
Missouri $13,000   Wyoming $24,500
Montana $29,000      

* Rhode Island SUI Wage Limit in 2014 is $20,600; however for those in the highest rate bracket, the SUI Wage Limit is $22,100.

Making Sure That Your Tax Update is Applied

The version for this tax update is 20140201. Follow these steps to make sure that your tax update was applied:

For Release 2012:

  1. Open your Sage Peachtree company.
  2. Select Help > About Peachtree Accounting.
  3. Confirm that the Installed Tax Update version number matches the version number listed above.
For Releases 2013 and 2014:
  1. Open your Sage 50 company.
  2. Select Help > About Sage 50 Accounting.
  3. Confirm that the Installed Tax Update version number matches the version number listed above.

Getting Help and Customer Support

Help within your Sage 50 or Sage Peachtree application is a great source of information. Help can be accessed from a Sage 50 or Peachtree window by clicking on the Help button in the toolbar or pressing F1 key while on a field.

In addition to Help, you can access Support, resources and frequently asked questions options by going to Another great source of information is the Sage City community.


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