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Increase sales and customer satisfaction by rewarding your most loyal customers with gift cards and loyalty programs.

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All about gift cards and loyalty programs


A gift card is a plastic card that is used in exchange for money to purchase goods and services.

A loyalty program is a way to reward customers for repeat business, entailing discounts or free merchandise or services.


Increase customer satisfaction, sales, brand awareness, and brand reputation.

GiftCardGranny indicates 61% of consumers buy more than what's on the gift card.


Any time, especially trends you have for increased sales. But definitely implement gift cards and loyalty programs before the holiday shopping season.

Gift cards and loyalty programs

Process your own branded gift card while also earning income from prepaid balances and fees. Apply credits and returns on a gift card that can only be used for purchases of your products and services.
Sage offers a wide variety of cards from those you can design and customize to pre-designed options.

Gift cards

  • Choose from a pre-designed card.
  • Customize your card.
  • Accept prepaid balances and fees.

Loyalty programs

  • Drive repeat business by creating incentives for your most loyal customers.
  • Attract new customers and generate additional business.
  • Minimize cash back.

Add a terminal

Your terminal could help you keep track of repeat business and offer discounts. We have a wide variety of terminals, including EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) compliant options.

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