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Beyond age, sex & location: the new way to target your audience

The lines between traditional demographic categories are blurring. We look at how marketing segmentation is changing, and how you can build your own personas.

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Sage advice from inspiring women in business - Infographic

Sharing advice from women in business can inspire growth with purpose. Women tell us how they overcame issues with funding, support, confidence and respect.

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GDPR: A guide for international business - Infographic | Sage

Introducing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It’s the first law of its kind to try and implement a global measure, and control over how businesses handle their customer data.

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Inspirational startups of 2017 & trend predictions for 2018 | Sage

As we reflect on some of the most standout success stories from the startup scene in 2017, an inspirational picture emerges for the future entrepreneurs of 2018.

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5 Personality Types of Business High Flyers: Sage Infographic

A look at the 5 most successful Myers-Briggs' personality types in business, what traits take them to the top? Take the test to see how you match up.

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Top 5 challenges facing small business owners - And our Sage advice

Sage asked small businesses and entrepreneurs the question: As a small business owner, what is the biggest challenge you’ve faced this year? Here are the top 5 challenges and our advice on how to overcome them.

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How to plan a winning brainstorm

We set out the basic fundamentals to help you plan, along with some proven techniques and tips from the experts to ensure your brainstorm goes down a storm.

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Reduce workplace stress - A series of guided meditations

As a scientifically proven stress reliever, we’ve invited experts to create a series of guided mindfulness meditation recordings, each designed specifically with stressed out office workers in mind.

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Generation Z versus Generation Y: 10 things you need to know

The top 10 things you need to know about managing generation z in the workplace. Our infographic will help you manage the transition from Y to Z.

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Employee or robot? How A.I. applications can support your business today

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has for decades been the subject of science fiction and fantasy films. But we’ve come a long way since ‘Skynet’.

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8 secrets to growing a successful family business

We asked successful family business owners: What’s your secret to keeping a happy home and growing a business? It’s a tricky balancing act! Here’s how they did it…

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9 Ways to get your employees out of debt

If you care about your employees’ wellness, you should also care about their financial wellbeing. Debt and financial problems can affect productivity, so it also makes business sense to take these matters seriously.

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