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How to use your Business Management Solutions more effectively

16 September 2016

Business Management Solutions are designed to ease the administrative burden of running a business, which is important at a time when all businesses are being squeezed to deliver more.

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Sage X3 Improving transparency in food manufacturing

12 September 2016

Transparency is a watchword in the food industry these days, an industry concern motivated by both regulators and consumers. However, many food companies do not
have a clear understanding of what transparency means, why to pursue it, what it involves, or how to improve it. This white paper outlines the key elements of
transparency and offers some suggestions for how food manufacturers can improve transparency efforts to their benefit in the supply chain, in operations, and in marketing.

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Technology’s role in improving the efficiency of warehouse logistics and order fulfillment accuracy

12 September 2016

Omni-channel wholesale distribution is transforming business operation priorities in front of our eyes. Here’s how firms are successfully applying technology in their efforts to attain best-in-class status and stay ahead of the game.

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How SMAC can increase business competitiveness

22 August 2016

Business Management Solution providers are under enormous pressure to reinvent their platforms as the upsurge of social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies threatens to make traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) software irrelevant.

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First out the gate: Smart tech’s competitive advantage

04 August 2016

Business owners are looking in their rearview mirror, worried about whether the Uber of their industry will come speeding up behind them, overtake, and leave them in the dust. Yet, the technology platforms that disruptors are using in the industry are available to all businesses.

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Incledon improves its efficiency with Sage X3

15 July 2016

National supplier of quality fluid conveyance products and services, Incledon, in conjunction with its holding company DAWN Limited; has invested in the Sage X3 business management solution.

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Sage CRM empowers Corruption Watch to fight crime

17 June 2016

Corruption Watch is a public platform that encourages and enables the public to report their knowledge and experience of corruption. Following the implementation of Sage CRM, the non-governmental organisation (NGO) has substantially boosted the number of reports it receives from 40 to 80 per week. Sage business partner, Analytical Solution Technology (Astech), provided implementation and consulting services for the project.

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