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Independent contractors versus employees: What are the tax implications?

29 September 2017

For many South African companies, the line between an employee and an independent contractor remains somewhat unclear. That is one of the impressions I got from the 2017 Tax Indaba, where I was part of a panel discussion titled: Independent Contractors Versus Employees: What's the Deal?

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For the best talent - how small businesses can compete

27 September 2017

Millennials and chameleon workers are rapidly becoming the largest sector of the workforce and they’re demanding change: they want to work whenever, wherever – and they don’t want to be micro-managed.

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How to ace your salary negotiations and get paid what you're really worth

25 August 2017

The words “salary negotiation” can dry the mouth of the most confident person, but renegotiating your package with your existing boss or coming to an agreement with a new employer needn’t be terrifying. If you are well-prepared for the discussion and approach it with conviction, it can be rather exciting and empowering.

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How to unlock your team’s growth mindset

01 August 2017

I wasn’t always a fast runner. The thought of running my first 10km was terrifying. But, by putting one foot in front of the other, I became faster, fitter and stronger. Today, having run for more than 18 years and completing the Comrades Marathon, running has become much easier.

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Here’s why workplace diversity makes business sense

10 July 2017

Companies that embrace workplace diversity and inclusion as a source of growth and innovation for their businesses will perform better than those that don’t— and that applies as much to small businesses as it does to large enterprises.

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As technology reshapes old jobs, lifelong learning becomes the master of all skills

23 April 2017

Many of the jobs that this year’s first-year accounting and medical students will be doing by the time they finish their studies don’t yet exist, while many conventional professional roles will have disappeared or changed beyond recognition.

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UIF changes taking effect 1 April: Clearing market confusion about benefit and contribution changes

27 March 2017

South African companies must not adjust their payroll UIF contribution calculations this month following the news that the Minister of Labour has increased UIF benefits with effect from 1 April 2017.

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Pravin Gordhan’s Budget pulls off a balancing act

22 February 2017

Budget Speech 2017/18 cushions the blows of a weak economy for the poor and asks the wealthy to pay more

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Where to from here for the National Minimum Wage?

20 February 2017

We’ll be watching Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan, closely this week in the run up to presenting his Budget for the 2017/8 tax year, on Wednesday, 22 February.

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