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Tech-savvy HR practitioners embrace SMAC for success

22 September 2016

I recently attended the HR Tech Festival to talk about the new-age of human resources (HR) professionals, where I discovered that many HR departments are excited about the potential to use technology to support their role in the business.

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How to tax cellphones in the workplace

19 September 2016

South African businesses depend on mobile phones, computers and telecom services to keep their businesses running smoothly. Depending on whether the devices are employer- or employee-owned – as well as who pays for airtime and Internet access – this reality brings with it a range of implications for payroll calculations as well as the employee’s take-home pay.

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Payroll tax: 6 things small business owners should know

08 September 2016

Small & Medium Business owners face reams of red tape in their businesses, but one area that is especially important to master is payroll. Get it wrong, and you could face angry employees who have been underpaid or paid late.

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Outsourcing your payroll: How it can benefit your business

23 August 2016

The ‘do-it-yourself’ instinct that inspires you as an entrepreneur to start a business can also prevent you from recognising when it’s time to stop trying to do everything yourself. One aspect of the business that many Small & Medium Business owners manage on their own, when it often makes sense to get help, is the processing of the payroll.

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Making sense of SA’s tax and labour laws around labour brokers and personal service providers

15 August 2016

In other words, your finance team needs to know something about labour law as it handles your taxes, while your human resources team needs to understand where labour and tax regulation intersect.

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Automated payroll: taking the pain away from small businesses

08 July 2016

By Sandra Swanepoel, Managing Director, Sage HR & Payroll
One of technology’s key gains is doing away with the time consuming and painful weekly or monthly manual payroll system.

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10 Cost effective ways to train and educate your team members

30 June 2016

By Sandra Swanepoel, Managing Director, Sage HR & Payroll
It has been said that there are only two ways that a manager can improve a team’s output: motivation and training. Businesses need a more effective workforce during these tough economic times, but cost-cutting often prevents this from happening.

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Chameleon workers – how they can help your business flourish

24 June 2016

By Heidi Duvenage, Head: Sage Talent Solutions

As businesses are being forced to change, become more agile and disruptive to remain competitive, the pressure on employees to adapt is increasing.

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HR Tech: The key to workplace transformation

08 June 2016

Never before has human resources (HR) been more important to the success of a business than now.

In a world where technology is more pervasive and the new millennial generation are entering the workforce, business will rely more heavily on the human resource department to ensure that key talent is found, and retained.

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