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The Use of Sage Pastel in Schools

The Use of Sage Pastel in Schools

27 October 2015

It has become a norm that all the St Mary’s DSG, Pretoria Accountings students enrol into Sage Pastel Programme in the start of their Grade 10 year, annually writing Pastel Exams all the way through to Matric where at the end they find themselves qualified Pastel users.

From the beginning of 2013, the girls started using the new Sage Pastel Accounting Training Certified School’s Programme instead of its predecessor. This change has proven to be a resounding success. The new software is fast, effective, easy to operate and as a bonus, aesthetically pleasing making it a fan-favourite amongst the girls.

The Sage Pastel Accounting Training Certified School’s Programme consists of ‘Pastel My Business Version 3’ and ‘Pastel CSP Virtualbook’.

‘Pastel My Business’ is a desktop accounting software. It processes all events from the beginning to the end of the accounting cycle, collating all the information gathered into simplified and organised graphs and lists in one common place, ‘The Dashboard’. The programme is incredibly convenient and makes analysing and interpreting the running and control of a business easier to do, hence its wide use in prosperous corporations.

The supporting act of ‘Pastel My Business’ is the ‘Pastel CSP Virtualbook’. This is a virtual textbook that informs the student about principles which are the bases of accounting procedures and practises. It furthermore educates the learner, step by step, about all there is to know about using the software and how to go about operating it. It is a sensational piece of work as it clearly and so basically teaches the learner how to use the ‘My Business’ effectively and efficiently whilst explaining why things are done in the manner in which they are done.

As promised, they are always willing to help. If any of the girls had any problems with their laptops or installing the programme onto their computers, the Sage Pastel team were only a friendly phone call away. Through their diligence and readiness to assist, all of the girls have always been able to operate the program and have had enjoyable experiences with it.

The use of the Sage Pastel Accounting Training Certified School’s Programme has proven to be an exceptionally useful initiative as it puts into practise everything we learn in the classroom into real life situations. The programme also enables students who plan on pursuing careers in the accountancy industry to have an extra edge to their resume as Sage Pastel is highly and broadly recognised in the business world and through this programme, one becomes fully qualified to use the software.

It is therefore only right to say a big thank you to Sage for allowing St Mary’s DSG Pretoria the opportunity to be a part of this amazing programme which benefits the girls so vastly.

Khanya Papu
Grade 11 Student 
St Mary’s DSG, Pretoria