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#SONA2018: Upbeat address offers inspiring message for South African entrepreneurs

16 February 2018

Small & Medium Businesses in South Africa are likely to take inspiration from the upbeat tone of President Cyril Ramaphosa first State of the Nation Address and its positive outlook on how smaller businesses can play a major role in spurring economic growth and addressing the challenge of unemployment, says Pieter Bensch, Executive Vice President, Africa & Middle East at Sage.

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2018 Budget Speech: The small biz wish list

12 February 2018

In the next few weeks, the Finance Minister’s Budget Speech for 2018/9 (21 February 2018) will outline the country’s economic growth strategy for the year to come. Small & Medium Businesses, feeling the pressure of a tight economy, will be hoping to see initiatives from government to support entrepreneurs and enable enterprises to thrive.

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Why learnerships make good business sense for small businesses

29 January 2018

This is the reality that thousands of matriculants now face as they leave school and enter the working world – it’s new territory and there’s a lot they don’t know.

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There’s big value in small business data

26 January 2018

Small business has been producing data for a long time and, by not acting on that information, you could be missing out on unexpected growth opportunities.

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Grand prize winner walks away with R125 000

24 January 2018

Wiseman Ripinga started SWR Accounting Services in 2015, inspired by his previous boss’s encouragement and the desire to build a business – and a home - of his own.

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Software in Africa: 4 enterprise trends to expect in 2018

22 January 2018

African Businesses should not be fooled into thinking that technology innovation in 2018 is just about connected cars, talking robots and smartphones with facial recognition. The real revolution is happening in new forms of software engineering that are bringing a range of cool apps, gadgets and services to life.

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Research finds SA businesses spend an average of 202 working days per year on administration

22 January 2018

Globally, the amount of days spent on administrative tasks is overwhelming, with only Small & Medium Businesses in the US (266 days) and Spain (210 days) spending more time on admin than South African companies. By contrast, businesses in the UK spend just 71 days a year and businesses in Ireland 72 days a year.

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Married or single: how to thrive as a female entrepreneur

12 January 2018

Recent research suggests that married women are more likely to be successful entrepreneurs than single women.
The assumption is that, because married women – or women with partners – have more financial support and help with family and household responsibilities, the pressure and demands of starting a business are easier to manage.

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CSR: Could you be doing it wrong?

11 January 2018

Often, CSR programmes are implemented through ad hoc, unrelated activities, whose positive effects are short-lived. Once-off, annual events are seen as an extension of marketing activities to show that the business has ticked the ‘good corporate citizen’ box but this approach does not have a lasting impact.

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