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The pros and cons of Black Friday for small businesses

22 November 2016

Black Friday is an American tradition that has quickly taken root in Africa. The large online e-commerce shops and the major retail chains in many parts of the continent will be splashing out with big promotions and marketing campaigns to get consumers to part with their cash.

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Sage celebrates the achievement of its Partners in Africa and Middle East

21 November 2016

Winners of the Sage CEO Circle were announced today, in recognition of their achievements as Sage partners.

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How smart bots will simplify your life as a business owner

17 November 2016

Meet Pegg, the personal trainer for your business. Pegg will log your expenses and file your receipts for you, with no fuss at all. Pegg can tell you what you’ve spent or earned for the month and remind you instantly who owes you money.

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Business builders need to future-proof their business or risk becoming irrelevant 

10 November 2016

Business as usual? There’s no such thing anymore. Just think about the political, social and technological trends we’ve seen shake the South African business landscape over the past few years: from high-speed broadband, a shifting tax and regulatory environment to the workforce debut of young people who grew up with mobile phones and the Internet.

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The evolution of accounting software: putting more power in entrepreneurs’ hands

07 November 2016

When Sage, (or Softline as it was known back then) opened its doors in 1988, the few small businesses that actually had PCs were the early adopters of a new wave of technology.

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Water restrictions: How you can save water as a small business owner

02 November 2016

Business owners in South Africa can play an important part in conserving water resources while reducing their utility bills by embracing water efficiency as a way of life. In doing so, they can play a valuable role in assisting the country to manage the effects of a prolonged drought.

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#AccountingRocks – Building the blocks for a better tomorrow

01 November 2016

The winners of the 2016 National Junior Accounting Olympiad, presented by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) and Sage One have been announced.

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Small & Medium Businesses should be saving money for a bad day – Here’s how

31 October 2016

Every Small & Medium Business should be aiming to have some savings in the bank as a buffer for difficult months when sales are slow or debtors miss payments. If your business has some cash in reserve, you’ll be able to fund your growth in the future, avoid taking loans at punitive interest rates and meet your creditors’ payment deadlines.

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Coming to a city near you: Sage One’s Roadshow for accountants

25 October 2016

South Africa’s entrepreneurs are showing enormous resilience in a difficult economy. One thing that could help them reach their full potential is world-class, affordable accounting support.

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