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Show me the money: Five funding options Small & Medium Businesses can consider

04 October 2016

Risk and reward are the fundamentals of every business. In the Small & Medium Business segment, this cannot be more true. For start-ups and existing small entities that need to grow, capital or cash flow funding is often what’s needed to make sure the business can either get going, survive or flourish.

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King Edward VII's Byron Christou wins the SAICA National Accounting Olympiad with Sage One

30 September 2016

Byron Christou of King Edward VII School in Gauteng is the national winner of the 2016 National Accounting Olympiad, presented by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) and Sage One.

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Avoid that broke feeling: six ways to manage money in your business

29 September 2016

One of the hardest things to get right as an entrepreneur is managing the financial side of your business. Over the years, I’ve spoken to many Small & Medium Business owners from around the world about how they manage their risk and improve their odds of success.

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The cash flow conundrum: How visual reporting can help

23 September 2016

Starting a small business is almost like leaping out of a plane without a back-up parachute. It’s exciting, but at the same time, quite risky. There are several reasons why 80% of small businesses in South Africa fail within the first three years, the greatest reason being cash flow.

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The winning recipe: The secrets to making it as a thriving entrepreneur

14 September 2016

While every entrepreneur is unique and each story is different, there is a common factor that unites them – they take risks, follow their dreams and pursue their passions.

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Reinventing your small business: Digital Disruption unleashes new opportunities

02 September 2016

When people talk about ‘digital disruption’, they tend to focus on disruptive opportunities for technology start-ups and the threats they pose to established banks, retailers and media companies.

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Newly elected mayors should focus on small business growth, says Sage

25 August 2016

South Africa’s newly elected mayors and municipal officer bearers should move quickly in making investments and creating policies to support Small & Medium Businesses in their towns and cities – with a focus on helping every small enterprise from the hawker selling fruit to the restaurant owner and the plumber to thrive.

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Cash is on its way out – 6 ways to make sure you’re ready

16 August 2016

The cashless economy is almost here. Just a couple months ago, the European Central Bank suggested that the 500 Euro note will be eliminated.

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