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Attracting and retaining the accountants of the future

08 November 2018

With job growth expected in the professional services industry, accounting practices are under pressure to compete in the war for talent, working hard to attract new, top-notch professionals - and also to keep their current employees, a charge that’s proven difficult. Indicative of the new wave of opportunity in the industry, professional services such as accounting ranked among the highest in terms of staff turnover in 2017, according to an examination of LinkedIn data drawn from the site’s half-a-billion international users.

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How emerging technologies are shaping the future of construction

05 November 2018

With a boom in hotel construction, major infrastructure projects underway, and good GDP growth in many countries, the construction sector in sub-Saharan Africa offers several bright prospects. A report from GlobalData forecasts that sub-Saharan Africa will have the fastest growing construction industry in the world over the next five years, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.6%.

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How alternative funders enable small biz success

29 October 2018

Up to 75% of South African small businesses fail within the first year. One of the biggest causes being a lack of funding, or poor financial management. Yet, many small businesses struggle to secure funding, either because they haven’t been in business long enough, or because they don’t understand the intricacies of the lending market.

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Five small business money-saving myths

24 October 2018

It’s World Savings Day on 31 October. You already know the importance of building up a rainy-day fund for your small business. You also know the benefits of creating a savings culture among your team.
In fact, you’ve probably been so inundated with advice about saving money that it’s difficult to know what to implement and what to ignore.

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Sage launches Sage 50cloud Pastel with Microsoft Office 365

16 October 2018

Representing the next generation of Sage Pastel, Sage 50cloud Pastel with Microsoft Office 365 gives customers more freedom to collaborate in the cloud, more control with simple, automated backups and improved productivity.

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How to take the pain out of preparing year-end financials for your small business

15 October 2018

Most small business owners dread the end of the financial year and the associated paperwork. Closing your books and ensuring you are ready to file your tax return is stressful and time-consuming. Here is a checklist to help you prepare to meet SARS’ tax filing requirements, and plan and budget for the new financial year.

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HR must focus on strategic alignment with the business, or risk losing its place at the boardroom table

09 October 2018

The human resources (HR) function must reinvent itself as a digital, data-driven partner to the business as trends such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data and mobility transform the world around us. HR departments and leaders that continue to focus on compliance and administration at the cost of strategic alignment and enablement, risk losing their place at the boardroom table, warns Coenette Bosman, Head of Consulting – HRP at Sage business partner, Parity.

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Modernising the Client Experience

08 October 2018

The world of accounting is rapidly changing. From the increasingly prominent role of technology, to shifting client requirements and the need to provide an expanded range of services, transformation is everywhere. And as the accounting profession evolves and matures, so too must the way firms do business, enabling them to keep pace with their competitors and meet client requirements.

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Securing your supply chain against political uncertainty

20 September 2018

Businesses across the world could be forgiven for feeling uncertain about the future of their supply chains. With major economies like the USA and the UK revisiting their longstanding trade agreements, deals that might have seemed watertight a few years ago are now being threatened. With the change in the political climate, there’s a sense that we’re on the verge of a major realignment of the established balance of global trade, thrusting us into a world of increasingly dynamic and complex supply chains.

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