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4 Technologies that change the game for accounting practices

24 July 2018

A new wave of technologies is automating many of the mundane processes that once took up so much of your time. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data are reinventing accounting in sub-Saharan Africa, from South Africa to Nigeria, and beyond.

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What NPOs wish corporates knew before Mandela Day

16 July 2018

It was 2pm on Mandela Day at the after-care centre. The children were getting ready to go home when suddenly, 80 volunteers from a large local bank arrived, unannounced. We didn’t know who they were, but they wanted to use their 67 minutes with to volunteer with us.

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Is the economy running you down? Here’s how to run a virtual business to save cost and introduce efficiency

10 July 2018

Mobile technology has rapidly replaced many of the tools that used to clutter the workplace: the old-fashioned telephone, the phone book, the diary, the Dictaphone, business cards, cameras, the big PC on your desk...the list goes on.

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Time runs out to become XBRL compliant

09 July 2018

Sage software solution, Sage Final Accounts Online helps accountants produce annual financial statements for their small business clients, which is submitted to CIPC. Sage Final Accounts Online is XBRL compliant.

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Five tips for accelerating business growth

02 July 2018

Today there is a near continuous need for companies to keep repositioning themselves and re-work their strategies in the pursuit of success. According to PWC’s 2017 CEO Survey, nearly a quarter of CEOs singled out innovation as their top priority for 2018 – this outstripped priorities such as human capital, competitiveness, customer experience and technology capabilities.

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Answer these 5 questions before planning your Mandela Day activities

27 June 2018

Whether you plan on aligning your Mandela Day initiatives with this theme, or have something else in mind, take the time to first answer these questions to ensure your efforts deliver maximum and lasting impact.

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It’s tax filing season again – are you ready?

25 June 2018

Tax season for individuals and entities such as trusts, institutions, boards and bodies kick off on 1 July this year. Here is some advice about how to stay on the South African Revenue Service’s (SARS) good side and take the pain out of filing your income tax return for the 2017/8 tax year.

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She works hard for her money – so pay her on time

18 June 2018

Women fight inequality and discrimination every day. They fight for equal pay for equal work. They challenge gender stereotypes in their careers and personal lives. They question unfair social and political norms.

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West Africa’s skills and youth unemployment crisis – why business has a critical role to play

11 June 2018

West Africa is on the rise, with Nigeria showing resilience and diversifying its economy following a recession and Ghana enjoying stellar GDP growth of 8.5% for 2017.

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